Thursday, April 10, 2014

April Legal Notes

This really isn't in any way intended to be a comprehensive article. We just thought we would share some information on the legal front.

First, the deadline for Marc Lemire to seek leave to appeal to the Supreme Court (re: the Federal Court of Appeal's decision) was on April 1. However, word is that he hasn't filed anything and that it appears that he has given up. We suppose he may have forgotten as he has been busy live blogging the most recent Free Dominion defamation suit. On that case we also see that Paulie is shilling but he received a response from one of his Facebook friends who we have discussed in previous posts which isn't exactly a ringing endorsement:

On the same day, Toronto nutter Eric Brazau was convicted for wilfully promoting hatred and for harassing a Muslim family. He was sentenced to 9 months, however as he spent 9 months in pre-trial custody he was ultimately sentenced to time served. In order to protect Brazau's right to free expression the judge refused to ban him from distributing flyers, so we might not be too surprised if we find that him in the news again for similar reasons. We perhaps shouldn't be surprised either that when Brazau was arrested, Ron Banerjee was his wingman.

We also received notice concerning another appeal that is going ahead. Terry Tremaine's appeal is to be heard on May 28 in Regina at the Court House on Victoria Avenue. We actually haven't heard much from Tremaine in a while, and we can't say that we are all that disappointed by this fact.

Finally, two quick updates on Arthur Topham from the horse's mouth.... so to speak:

Topham followed his post on April 8 with the one below posted yesterday:

So we guess we'll find out in 5 days or so?

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