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Jesse Wielenga of WCAI Seems Discouraged and "Operation Boom"

Jesse Wielenga, vice-president of the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam, is sick of all the lies being told about him.... those lies of course being the the things he has actually posted and which have actually come out of his mouth.

I'm not entirely sure that quoting Wielenga verbatim constitutes slander.

In any case, in his latest rambling video, Wielenga complains about all the media slander, then goes on to challenge his detractors to a fist fight and then comment on "angry Natives" wanting to "scalp him" because, you know, he's not a racist. The rhetoric in the video is an echo of that which Wielenga expressed on the WCAI Canada twitter account:

More telling is that Wielenga suggests the Winnipeg rally he was planning has now been called off and that the WCAI (or at least himself personally) will no longer participate in organizing rallies. He hastens to add it isn't because he's frightened (perish the thought!). No, it's simply because they are outnumbered significantly and can't organize effectively mostly because they are idiots.... I may have editorialized there a little bit:

It may or may not be true that the WCAI is done with rallies, but considering how enamored DeLuca, Ryan Dean, and the other members and associates are with being the center of attention, that seems hard to believe. And there may be some indication that they might try to use a "boy who cried wolf" strategy to throw off those who would come out to oppose them:

Ryan Dean's North American Freedom Fighters (formerly Canadian Combat Coalition) began promoting an event organized by the Guardians of Alberta to be held today at Calgary City Hall. Among the proposed speakers were two former members of the WCAI:

The event was also promoted to some degree by DeLuca and the WCAI, though he did seem a little less committed:

However soon after Dean's and DeLuca's efforts to let everyone know there would be a GOA rally, both claimed to be opposed to the event and would not be attending:

Now this struck this writer as being somewhat suspicious. Why promote an event for a few days publicly only to disavow it later based on the clumsy pretext of "undesirable" speakers being present when those alleged "speakers" were listed well before? And then there's the rather inconvenient reality of the Guardians of Alberta not actually existing any more. 

The Guardians of Alberta was an offshoot of the Soldiers of Odin in Alberta. The GOA was led by former SoO chapter leader David Troute with Ryan Dean as his vp. Dean left the GOA to form the Canadian Combat Coalition and months later Troute merged the GOA into the CCC, becoming Dean's vp. Then because the Ontario CCC chapter staged a coup and dumped Dean, he and Troute formed the NAFF. 

Now I suppose it would have been possible for someone to have adopted the GOA name and logo, but considering how pissed Dean and Troute were when the CCC was taken from them, one would assume they would be more angry about someone assuming leadership of a reconstituted GOA.

Still, an anti-Muslim hate group was suggesting that they would be holding a rally in Calgary so some of the good people of the city responded by organizing a counter protest. When the time arrived however, there were counter protesters, a line of police, but not a GOA member to be found.

That is when the NAFF "revealed" the results of "Operation Boom":

And nothing says "patriots [sic] streets" like being completely absent. 

Wait, you're suggesting your GOA rally was, "staged as a terror attack?"

"Where are the racists?" Well, at least they are being more truthful.

I bet the police like having their time wasted too. But try to keep your story straight. Was it a "social
experiment" or was it payback for causing you some financial strain? 

Really? This was the big reveal?

Yeah, that's sort of sad guys.

I don't suppose that Dean and DeLuca would recognize that this sort of only serves to indicate how impotent their movement has become if this is all they are capable of doing now.

But I have to wonder if it also might be part of another strategy?

Hold a fake rally where no one but counter protesters (and police) attend and laugh at the outcome, claiming you have embarrassed the "antifa" (I don't expect that you have, but we'll leave that be). Do it a few more times and hope that counter protesters stop showing up to your fake events and begin to assume that any rally planned will be a ruse. 

Then, when confident that people will think that your rallies are fake, hold a real one where you don't have to worry about counter protesters saying mean things about you.

Granted, this is speculation on my part.

Still whether or not this is what is the plan, Dean and DeLuca really don't seem to understand the mindset of those who oppose their bigotry.

Rather than a waste of time, the counter rally today appears to have served to show the strength of the people opposing hate groups and the weakness of those hate groups in the face of opposition. And much like the event in Vancouver where the WCAI, SoO, and Cultural Action Party no-showed, this event took on more of a party atmosphere as a celebration of diversity and openness.

So, how was this a win for the NAFF again?

Jesse Wielenga and the WCAI may not show up for their planned, now cancelled, rally in Winnipeg. Or they may. But whether they do show or not, I'm sure the FF1 folks in Winnipeg will be there and they will not consider it to be a waste of their time.

UPDATE 1: It looks like Global covered the rally today while focusing on the news that the American consulate had advised their staff to avoid the area. Among those who did show up to counter protest the no-show NAFF were members of the Raging Grannies:

Hmmmm, $50,000, eh? Seem's Dean's joke was pretty expensive.

I wonder what $50,000 could have done for people in BC forced from their homes by forest fires or those in Houston evacuated due to flooding. Or how about the homeless vets the WCAI, NAFF, PEGIDA, and the other anti-refugee Islamophobes are always going on about?

Naw! This was obviously much better use of tax dollars, eh Ryan? ;)

And as for the answers to, "whose streets?" 

The Grannies have that covered too:

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