Saturday, September 16, 2017

Secret WCAI Facebook Page Shut Down and DeLuca's Goudreau Shout-out

So, the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam's secret Facebook group was shut down and despite his efforts to play it of as no big deal, Joey DeLuca is pretty upset.

In a rambling video (in which I added a form of editorializing in the form of related images and videos) DeLuca goes on and on about how liberals are snowflakes who deserve to have their heads kicked in with steel-toe boots, that the reasons why their rallies fail isn't because they suck but because "antifa" are more organized and better at shutting them down (which seems to me a tacit admission that the WCAI suck), and bemoan the state of the "patriot movement" which is rife with infighting. On that note he is especially critical of other "patriot" groups that condemn neo-Nazis in their midst.

Yep, DeLuca is fine with neo-Nazis and antisemites because he says they are all fighting for a common cause (getting rid of Muslims). In fact, he calls out the Jewish Defence League by name for their efforts to expunge Nazis and suggests that the JDL "get over" the whole Nazi thing and instead ally themselves with the Nazis.... because Joey DeLuca has evidently not heard the term Kapo and doesn't realize that Jews might not be keen to cozy up with Nazis because of that whole persecution followed by systematic slaughter thing.

DeLuca specifically mentions Devon Mannix and Kevin Goudreau by name noting how much respect he has for Goudreau.

Speaking of the Goudreau, he noticed that Georges was speaking poorly of him owing to the fact that the Goudreau is a neo-Nazi. As such, the Goudreau has decided to start lying about himself despite all the evidence that he himself has put out there that yes, he is a Nazi:


Actually that last post was edited by the Goudreau to add more information, that being that he was taking over the September 30 rally effort. Given his delusional nature, I'm not certain if he means the rally he's planning or the entire, cross-country, extravaganza.

And because I always loves me a good Goudreau video in which he embarrasses himself but doesn't realize it, I give you the Goudreau in all of his Goudreauish glory:

Again, this represents the state of the Canadian "patriot" movement.

Yeah.... good luck with that.


Anonymous said...

The "Master Race" ladies and gentlemen LOL

Anonymous said...

They really call those groups WCAUSA and WCAAustralia? Like Worldwide Coalition Against USA/Australia? They sound smarter from video to video :)

Anonymous said...

Joey Deluca made a video yesterday (Sunday Sept. 24) threatening to use steel toe boots to smash in a womans teeth. He has since removed any chance did you manage to save it?

Anonymous said...

I've seen more professional videos posted by 12 year olds describing their newest purchases from toysrus.

Sad little man. Cant even stand behind his big proud swazi tattoo. So many closet Nazis use that excuse for their poor life choices.