Thursday, September 28, 2017

September 30 Anti-Government/Anti-Muslim Rally in Ottawa: More Division... This Time Over Clothing

Dan Dubois, president of the Canadian Combat Coalition (after the coup that pushed out Ryan Dean in Alberta) claims that the following groups will no longer be attending the protest in Ottawa this Saturday because of a horrible, undemocratic, and unjust decision made by the organizers:
  • III%
  • Suffragettes Against Silence
  • Sons of Odin
  • Human Rights Defenders of Canada (I've never heard of this group actually)
  • And finally, the Canadian Combat Coalition 

This has lead to responses such as this from Georges' supporters:

Long story short, Dan REALLY wants to wear his CCC t-shirt but big meanies Georges Hallak and Storm Alliance Colin Oleary won't let him:

I am absolutely not kidding:

Some of the comments left on the video include the following:

Ohhhh, the Northern Guard will flout the rule by wearing their t-shirt? They really are bad asses! I bet they wash them in hot water too, just so they could live a little on the edge!

Really folks, one almost couldn't make this up.

And in what might be the most ironic post lacking any degree of self-reflection this writer has seen for a long time, Dan Dubois, the leader of a group and member of a movement that, among their demands, want the federal and provincial governments to enact laws dictating what Muslim women should and should not be permitted to wear, posted THIS regarding their choice of clothing:

None of us should expect them to recognize their hypocrisy of course, but that doesn't mean we can't laugh at them.

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Thought you might want to know Ronny is planning a rally in Toronto on the 21st of October. Details here: