Saturday, September 09, 2017

Protests Planned For September 30 Because.... Reasons?

While I anticipate that the anti-government and Islamophobic rallies that have marked the past spring and summer with diminishing returns will start to decline as fall arrives and cease almost altogether as winter takes hold, the folks the blog keeps an eye on appear to be getting at least one "national event" by the end of the month.

Among the primary organizers of this "national event" is the Storm Alliance. ARC's readers will recall that the Storm Alliance broke off the Soldiers of Odin some time back and is lead by the former national SoO vice-president and former Quebec leader. His second in the Storm Alliance, Colin Oleary, posted the following video earlier last month to let people know that people would be "rising up" across the country to "stand up for Canada":

Oh yes, there's a storm coming people.... eventually. Truth be told there's half a minute of silence where Colin just sort of stares at his camera while smoking and another full minute and twenty-eight seconds of Colin acknowledging the people logging on while waiting for others to appear. The eye of the hurricane is indeed a bit awkward:

Now, Colin is sure people will "rise up" and "stand up for Canada" but he's not entirely clear as to why and for what.

Also, for a group that claims to be opposed to violence, the Storm Alliance certainly attracts a fair number of people who like violence:

Colin mentions that there will be other events. For example, Georges Hallak is organizing an event for Ottawa which at this point looks as if it will be even less successful than the One Million Canadian March organized in the spring that, I once again stress, missed the million mark by at least 999,650 people or more:

While the media has basically ignored these efforts, at least one outlet has, sadly, decided to give a non-entity air time thus resulting in his already outsized ego growing even larger:

Yep, the Goudreau is planning a rally on September 30 as well:

And wow! The numbers that plan on or who are thinking of attending?

Okay, the numbers are totally believable:

Hey! Andrew Benson makes an appearance! I wonder is he's still in touch with his neo-Nazi friends?

I can't help noticing there is significant overlap in the people who are attending events in completely different parts of their provinces or the country as a whole.

Given that the Goudreau has a bit of niche notoriety and that his efforts to appear like a respectable figure (I mean, look at the suit, sunglasses and side burns!) might take a bit of a hit if the media does even a cursory web search of the man, he has of late tried to clean up his message for public consumption:

Damn! He thwarted us all! Now no one will be able to find all the horrible, racist, violent, shit he has posted over the years! If only someone had taken the time to screenshot some of those posts.... like these for example?


Kevin, once the horse has left the barn, it is of no use trying to close the door.

Even Georges seems to think that "fake news" ARC is pretty useful in showing the world the kind of shitty person you are:

Well, while Georges might not like the Goudreau, at least he has support from the "non-racist" members of the Storm Alliance:

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