A new but expanding group called the Freeman-on-the-Land has caught the attention of Canadian police because of the violent activity of associated groups in other countries.

Some call the Freemen a harmless fringe movement. However, as The National's Adrienne Arsenault reports, the group may be larger and, for some, more worrying than it appears.

The documentary characterized the Canadian Freeman movement as being distinct from it's America counterpart; whereas the American movement is more far right with a focus on guns as well as a number of cases of overt violence (including the murder of over 20 police officers), this documentary appears to claim that the Canadian version is more leftist in nature and might even be considered to be intellectually on par with that of the Occupy Movement.

Readers of this blog know that isn't really an entirely accurate characterization.

We've talked about Bill Noble on occasion regarding his Freeman views (he claims, incidentally, to have given up his Canadian citizenship and as such is no longer subject to Canadian laws), but we haven't spoken about his Freeman guru, "Sovereign."

That's an omission we plan on rectifying.

Stay tuned.