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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bonehead Family Values

Sometimes, we wonder how the boneheads we focus on in this blog can live with the cognitive dissonance that runs throughout their lives?

Bill Noble and a case of arrested
development. How many diapers
would that guitar have purchased, Bill?
Earlier this week, Bill Noble wrote an editorial for what he claimed was a mainstream magazine. In it, he spouts off the usual claptrap about the persecution of, “White Nationalists,” anti-racism as a code for being, 'anti-white,'” and accusations of genocide. You know, the tired, old, repetitive shtick that has become all too predictable and which bares no resemblance to any objective reality.

But it was the last part of the article – the last sentence in fact – which caught our attention. Not because it says anything new. No, it’s because of the disconnect between what he claims to support and what he actually lives.

As White nationalists, we seek to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. And as Communists threaten that existence and that future, they must be defeated.

Like a lot of politicians who use the phrase, “for the children” when they want to ram some sort of regressive policy down our throats (see Minister Toews’s recent efforts), Bill here uses children as a justification for what he and other boneheads do. This led us to wonder….

Just when was the last time you visited YOUR son and the mother of your child, Bill?

Bill Noble has, for all intents and purposes, abandoned his family who still live in Alberta. As indicated on the leaked emails, he has cheated on the mother of his child and has taken up with another woman. And yet he has the nerve to claim what he is doing is, “for the children.” Writes Noble in one of the leaked emails:

Telling my wife I cheated on her was easy... justifying working in Manitoba isn't After six months, I'm hoping we have some kind of visible results out there...

Other emails were just heartbreaking to read. There were a number of emails in which the mother of Noble’s child was in dire financial difficulty (this is while they were, ostensibly, still together though living in different provinces). She didn’t even have enough money for diapers and, while willing to subsist on “tea and toast” herself, noted that their child could not. All the while his son and partner were struggling, Noble still had time to spend money on numerous web domains that he operates. Noble's former partner writes:

I tried calling, but there was no answer so I'll send an email instead. Bill I really need some money. I was expecting or hoping rather, that the Child Tax Credit would be in today, but it was sent to the old address so I won't see it for at least a week or more. The baby only has 7 diapers left and half a jug of milk. Our grocery situation isn't that good either. My mom is broke so I can't borrow any cash off of her. We [she and Noble] can live off tea and toast but the baby can't. I know I've kept asking you this past week if you had any money, but I really need some help here. Hopefully you can send something tomorrow. I know it's a Saturday but there's Western Union at Money Mart.

It would seem that he is willing to allow his son to go hungry rather than acting like a father and supporting his family. But Noble certainly isn’t alone in saying (or writing) one thing and then living life in complete contradiction to what he claims to believe. 

Leader of the C18 chapter of Blood & Honour in Calgary, Kyle McKee, has a daughter who he has had nothing to do with since he broke up with the mother of the child. While they were together, McKee cheated on this woman (who was still a child herself) including while she was pregnant. To our knowledge, McKee has not financially supported his child either. And yet, despite all this, he didn’t feel the least bit of shame when he posted this:

FYI Brit, you should be careful who you, "friend" on Facebook. ;)
That, ladies and gentlemen, to criticize, "boys" while lauding, "men" as McKee has here considering he has behaved like the "boys" he is criticizing takes some serious chutzpah.

And then there is Tyler Lupkoski. He frequently cheated on his girlfriend. He and she eventually had a child. He has now left this young woman and has taken up with, “K.H” who herself is now pregnant. How much time does he spend with his child? Does he financially support the child? How soon before he leaves "K.H." for someone else?

And how many of these stories sound familiar?

Noble playing in the woods.
Back to Noble. We don't think Noble knows how to care for other people, and that is very sad; he might very well have a form of Asperger’s Syndrome. He simply does not respond to stimuli like normal people would (watching the video he made of himself during the CBC interview, we were  struck by just how disassociated from reality that he appears to be). We’re sure if asked he would say he loves is son, but is it really love? We can't help think that his idea of love is simply having lots of children for the betterment of the race, in which case those children are really irrelevant as individuals to him.

As we learn more about Bill, we’ve actually come to pity him. He's turning 36 soon and still lives a life that is only marginally better than that of a homeless man, and we don't think it will be long before he ends up on the streets himself. He has built up in his mind a cabal of forces that he thinks he's resisting, when in reality he's only hurting himself. He refuses to conform to societal expectations; not necessarily a bad thing except in this case the expectation is to grow up, get a job and be responsible. And god knows he hasn't been responsible. For him the idea of family is great, but the reality.... well.... it cuts into his life as a freedom fighter against the forces of ZOG. Perhaps living this fantasy world is more palatable than accepting that in much of his life, he has been a failure and that he has failed because of his own very poor decisions?

Ladies, seriously, you all can do much better than this.


Anonymous said...

Noble is like a skinny version of Techno Viking.

Anonymous said...

First of all why is he doing interviews?He doesnt speak for ANY group that I know of.Apparently he needs to spend more time paying for his kid.Very sad indeed.I guess I find it ironic that he leaves his girlfriend depending on a system that he doesnt pay into.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post! A lot of these folks claim to be about family, children, the future, morals, values, tradition, etc, but more often than not are full of fantasies.

Every now and then you'll catch them claiming how non-whites shouldn't breed, can't take care of their kids, should be sterilized... ironic, really, considering a fair amount of them won't involve themselves in their own kids' lives, won't support the mother (emotionally or financially), and go against the "values" they claim to represent.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, most of these children and single mothers are better off without people like Noble and McKee in the long run anyway.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting as it is for a dad to abandon his kids, it is probably better for the kids and society if racists like McKee and Noble to stay away from their kids. Give those kids at least a chance to be normal and not end up losers like their dads.

Anonymous said...

This is a comment directed at ALL deadbeat sperm donors. We know the reasons that you don't see or have anything to do with these children. You don't have to be a racist to not take care of them. BUT i'm sure the mothers of these children will ensure they are brought up healthy and properly without negative ideas and people to surround them. I personally know that these two LADIES have moved on and are so much better off now. Noble and McKee are there own worst enemies.

Anonymous said...

McKee and Noble are scum.

Anonymous said...

Ah McKee and that's the joke! ;)

Anonymous said...

These 2 losers need to be put in jail. They do not represent anyone but themelves.

Anonymous said...

These two morons synthesize common attributes seen within the white power movement. Boneheads and white supremacists alike more often than not live in ways, as described in this blog. Its disgusting and sad children have to be brought up into these political CULTS.


Anonymous said...

The 2 children referred to in this blog are not being raised by either Mckee or Noble. It is sad when children are exposed but again these 2 are not. I know both women well and both kids are happy well balanced & friendly.

Anonymous said...

You guys need to get your facts straight before posting this on the web. Tyler is a dad-2-be, he doesn't have any kids. Hence why he is no longer with the girl who made believe the child was his. As for Kyle and Bill all I can say is this post was bound to happen sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

Thank God these kids have stable mothers in their lives. Both fathers are pathetic, little boys.

Anonymous said...

Tyler DOES have a daughter with Ashley, sorry Kat, you didn't get there first. AND she was the one that ditched his fat ass

Anonymous said...

Tyler has a SON, not a daughter. And unless someone is blind he is Tyler's son. Not that it matters in the least because he has a good mother too! Not some alcoholic loser. Kat will figure this out once she has her baby. And goddamn you Tyler for denying your son you fucking piece of shit douche.

Anonymous said...

Personally knowing one of the mothers, very personally knowing her I can say the child will not be like it's father at all. The child is in a perfect loving home and could not be happier.

Anonymous said...

"You guys need to get your facts straight before posting this on the web. Tyler is a dad-2-be, he doesn't have any kids. Hence why he is no longer with the girl who made believe the child was his."

obviously this is from someone who knows or is with Tyler and is telling stories and lies, If you happen to see Tyler could you tell him i want my sons photo albums back.

Anonymous said...

Kat had her baby and its real interesting how her baby and Tyler's ex's son look identical.

Anonymous said...

lol I just checked and no they don't. you can see her baby's picture on her cover photos. He looks like Kat(also Kat looks very different, I could not believe my eyes). Both babies are very cute though, I hope they are being raised right by their single moms. Keep strong ladies.