Friday, February 24, 2012

Media Coverage of Alleged Prison Sexual Assault of Calgary Neo-Nazi

We certainly haven't forgotten about the allegations that a member of a Calgary racist group that we have covered here was sexually assaulted by two other inmates. And we would reiterate that no matter how reprehensible the views that the alleged victim holds there is no justification for or humour in rape (while the vast majority of our readers seem to agree with us, there are a tiny number who don't; we suggest that you don't expect to see your comments on the subject published).

A new story in the news this week regarding the trial taking place:

Prison sex planned, court hears

By ,Calgary Sun
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The prison sex between a black man and his white supremacist roommate was a ruse to prevent both men getting stabbed, court heard Wednesday.

Samar Sigar testified he was fearful he’d face retribution from other non-white Calgary Remand Centre inmates who wanted him to beat up his Caucasian cellmate.

Sigar said he even attempted to seek a change to a different unit, but his white accuser talked him out of it, saying he’d be labelled a rat.

“He came down (from his bunk) and said ‘let’s do… sex,’ ” Sigar told defence lawyer Allan Fay. “ ‘While we’re doing it, I’ll scream and yell louder so everyone can hear.’ ”

“I said ‘no, I don’t think that’s a good idea,’ and he said ‘yes it is.’ ”

Sigar said he didn’t even know what kind of sex the man was talking about and when told, refused to take part.

“I said ‘first of all, it’s against my religion and second of all, it’s just not me,’ ” Sigar testified.

He also told the man he wasn’t interested in gay sex, but the cellmate persisted and he finally relented.

Both Sigar and fellow remand inmate Ali Sanghar face charges of sexual assault with a weapon in connection with the May 30, 2010, incident at the northwest Calgary jail. He told Fay he never threatened his accuser with violence if he didn’t agree to have sex, never placed a towel over the complainant’s face and never put a pen to his throat, as the man claimed.

During the encounter Sigar testified he said nothing, but the cellmate “kept yelling and screaming louder.”

“We’re you concerned that this noise would attract the guards?” Fay asked.

“Not the guards, the inmates,” Sigar said.

“I heard from the … two black guys (in an adjacent cell) ‘good job Sigar, keep going.’ ”

After about 10 minutes, Sanghar, who was sleeping, awoke and pushed Sigar aside so he could join in the sexual tryst.

He said when Sanghar completed the sex act, the man became angry saying that wasn’t part of the deal.

The complainant had arrived earlier with Nazi symbols carved into his head and had received threats from ethnic inmates, Sigar said.

Final arguments in the case are set for March 5.
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The above article is a follow-up from another one published February 14:

Prison sex with Calgary white supremacist consensual, court told

By ,Calgary Sun
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The alleged rape of a wannabe white supremacist by his ethnic cellmates was simply a gay frolic between three consenting adults, court was told Tuesday.

Ali Sanghar, who is Middle Eastern, testified he awoke to discover the white man and their black cellmate having intercourse at the Calgary Remand Centre.

And Sanghar said he then joined in, having already had a consensual sexual encounter with the man earlier that same day.

Both Sanghar and Samar Sigar faces charges of sexual assault with a weapon in connection with the May 30, 2010 incident at the northwest Calgary jail.

He told his provincial court trial he and the complainant, who can’t be named, made love to each other earlier in the day, when Sigar was out of the cell, either showering or using the phone.

Sanghar, who speaks little English and testified through a Farsi interpreter, said he too went to leave the cell, but the man called him back and gave him a glass of water.

The white male, who arrived at the jail hours earlier with two Nazi symbols carved into his hair, which he shaved after being threatened, then began to massage him, Sanghar said.

From there the two men became intimate and had intercourse with each other, he told Judge Jim Ogle.

Later he awoke to find Sigar in a similar sexual encounter and he then indicated he wanted to have sex with the white male again, which he did.

Sigar’s lawyer, Allan Fay, suggested Sanghar saw nothing to indicate the complainant did not want to have sex with his client.

“Everything you saw made you believe that (he) was a willing participant, is that correct?” Fay said.
“Yes. that’s true,” Sanghar responded.

He also agreed with Fay that at no time did he see Sigar holding a towel over the other man’s head, or a pen to his neck.

Earlier, Sanghar’s lawyer, Shamsher Kothari, suggested to the white male the sex was consensual, an allegation he denied.

The trial continues Feb. 22, when Sigar is scheduled to take the witness stand.
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No matter what really happened, it's sick to see that an inmate is yelling loud enough so that other cells can hear him, but no security is there to help them? Just sickening.

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the government needs too take a look at our prison system i mean really no guards helped this poor guy and even worse he was just a kid they should have put him in a diffrent cell or unit somwhere safe till his hair grew back