Thursday, February 09, 2012

Uhm, So, What's Up Stormfront?

During one of our nightly visits to Stormfront, we noticed that instead of the normal forum headings we're used to seeing, instead we found this:

We thought to ourselves, "Now isn't that curious? Wonder what's up?"

Given the recent news about the recent hack of neo-Nazi websites, you could imagine that this piqued our interest, as it did on some other hate sites such as White News Now:

Then again, it might not be a concern at all:

Or maybe it is:

While the folks at White News Now don't seem interested in carrying on this discussion for whatever reason (perhaps they don't want to tempt fate again having been hacked last week), the folks at VNN don't seem to have the same worries:

So maybe Stormfront has been taken down by a DDoS attack. Or maybe it is down for maintenance which is going very slowly.

Either way, the biggest hate site on the World Wide Web has been down for more than 24 hours and whatever the reason, that in and of itself is a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Lulz Financial > boneheads...

Anonymous said...

Don Black didn't pay the hosting fees. Instead, Derek (his son) went on a skiing trip to Colorado.

Anonymous said...

loving there anyplace on the web where I can get my hands on hearts of hate? I tried looking on the cbc site and could not find it. any guidance would be great thanks

Nosferatu200 said...

yt guy said...

The problem with that first picture of VNN is they said that Stormfront was "doxed". A DoS/DDoS attack is much much MUCH different than a dox "attack".

Secondly, no, Stormfront wasn't down. When this happens the server just blocks guest connections so members can connect like normal.

Even if the server didn't just block guest connections, DDoS attacks are incredibly ineffective to pretty much any server (unless it's a home server).