Sunday, February 05, 2012

Senior Targeted by Boneheads

On Friday, the CBC covered the story of a 63 year old man who was having his life threatened online because he was reporting racist diatribes on Craig's List. The posts he was reporting often called for the murder of individuals because of their ethnicity, religion, and sexuality.

As a result of his efforts, Mr. Campbell himself became the target.

Now, how did our bonehead friends react? First, former Heritage Front member and friend of Marc Lemire posted the following on Facebook:

This was followed by Craig Bodeker of the United States who has an interesting concept of what freedom of speech means:

Not that we're at all surprised though. Expect more of this should Sec. 13 be removed from the Canadian Human Rights Act:

Man who monitors Craigslist for racist postings becomes victim himself

Police in B.C. are investigating death threats against a man who has complained about hate speech on Craigslist’s Vancouver website, CBC News has learned

Cran Campbell, of Delta, B.C., says he regularly monitors the Rants and Raves section of the popular website and flags postings he believes are racist, hateful or threatening.

Campbell said he also reports some of the more vicious comments to police.

Delta police are now investigating death threats against the 63-year-old retiree that have been made in comments brazenly posted on Craigslist.
"Just like a pesky mosquito he should be swatted ... and silenced forever," one posting about Campbell said. 
"Keep looking over your shoulder," said another. 
Someone has also posted Campbell's picture and his home address. 
“I get a bit concerned when they tell me they're coming to my address,” Campbell said Friday. “But you know what? Nothing in this world is going to stop me from doing what I'm doing right now.”

Postings advocate killing

He said he's found many postings that openly talk of killing as many people from a particular race as possible.

“I cannot stand racism and hatred,” said Campbell. “It's not in my blood to do that. It's not in any of my family that accepts that.”

B.C.’s Hate Crimes Team is looking closely at the racist postings.

“If you are promoting or inciting hatred against an identifiable group, then that potentially could be a criminal offence, but it's a long process that we have to look at,” said the head of the team, Det. Const. Terry Wilson.

One anti-racism activist told CBC News he sympathizes with Campbell.

“It's a serious situation. We can't take it lightly,” said Alan Dutton, of the Canadian Anti-Racism Education and Research Society. “There needs to be protection for these individuals that do make complaints. And I would hope that people who do have the courage to come forward do take precautions.”

Campbell said he is adamant and will not back down, and will continue to flag racists on Craigslist.

With files from the CBC's Alan Waterman


Anonymous said...

Cran, keep up the good work. You are one of those individuals that make a difference to society. These haters are a bunch of cowards! If they were man-enough, they should go to communities that are ethnic solo and utter the same garbage in front of the people they hate - and lets see what happens. A coward is some one who feels empowered within a bunch of like-minded people; a bold person is some one who goes by themselves and tries to pass that hate garbage! Says alot of their recalcitrant minds!

Stephen Henry said...

Thank you, Mr. Campbell; You are a a true Canadian Hero. People like yourself are an asset to Humanity. If I met you, I would be honoured to shake your hand.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I DO have interesting ideas about Free Speech.
So did the founders of my country. Evidently, folks like you are SO MUCH SMARTER than Washington and Jefferson...
You say you believe in Free Speech, yet you contradict America's founders, as well as her Constitution itself, by forbidding speech you dislike..?
Were America's founders mistaken in GUARANTEEING Free Speech..? Should they really have provided exceptions for "hate", or other unpopular themes, as you PC thugs demand today..?

What you label, yet never define, as "Hate" is actually an emotion built into us by our Creator. Do you Morally Superior folks, who claim to be without any 'hate', really have the nerve to suggest that this makes you not only better people than our founders were, but that you're even better than God..?

Craig Bodeker

Anonymous said...

neo-nazis are a big joke dumb and drag on Canada.

Nosferatu200 said...

You know Craig, we have a feeling that Jefferson and Washington didn't have death threats in mind when they spoke of and wrote of freedom of speech. You are aware of the content of the news article, right? Or would you be okay with us posting your address, photo and then encouraging someone to end you life? We suspect you might rightfully have a bit of a problem with that.

Besides, we're canucks. We don't really have to give a damn if we contradict two of your "founding fathers." ;)

And yes, we are better than you.

Anonymous said...

Free speech is not don't have the right to say what you want whenever you want to, ESPECIALLY when you incite hatred or violence against others. What is it about this basic tenet of human dignity that is so difficult for you to comprehend Craig, you racism-enabling ass-hat??

Anonymous said...

better then god? oh gods not real. So ya thinking people are better then this so called god.