Wednesday, February 15, 2012

You WILL Feel Like Taking a Hot, Cleansing Shower.....

...... because we sure as hell did.

We would like to show you, our dear readers, a picture. However it's not the kind of photo that we would like to make a habit of posting as it is sexist and exploitative. We imagine that most of you will likely, and rightfully, be offended by it as it depicts women as merely a sexual object as if that is the sum total of her self-worth.

Trust us. There is a point to this:

The woman above is the lovely Alice Goodwin, a British glamour model who was discovered while attending Keele University. For all we know, Ms. Goodwin is a perfectly nice, thoughtful, and intelligent young woman. But if we're to be honest, it isn't exactly her intrinsic qualities that are being marketed.

The photo above comes from a series that appeared in a British magazine called "Zoo." The theme would suggest the, "naughty schoolgirl" fetish and appeals primarily to the 18 - 49 year old target demographic, likely skewing closer to the younger portion of the demographic.

Well, not just the 18 - 49 year old demographic. There's at last one 62 year old outlier:

It isn't just the general creepiness of Fromm "liking" the photograph of a barely dressed woman young enough to be his own daughter. We're pretty much used to that level of creepiness from Paulie at this point. In this case, it's the context that makes the difference.

Paulie used to be a high school teacher.

Flirting is a great way to get better grades.

Let that sink in just a little bit.


Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck!



Ehem. Some unsolicited advice to the young women in the "White Nationalist" movement.

If you're ever in the same room as Paulie, be sure to wear a turtleneck.

We thought we would share this with our readers simply because we needed to make you all feel as uncomfortable as we felt.


Anonymous said...

You guys usually post good, informative stuff and I quite enjoy it. However, this post is like the TMZ of the WN movement. Good on all of you for digging dirt but this sort of stuff seems more belonging to a trash magazine.

Anonymous said...

Paul makes me feel all hot, flushed and quivery. Then I puke and feel all better.

Anonymous said...

It might be trashy, but how could anyone resist the opportunity to publicly embarass one of these guys? ;)

Anonymous said...

Regardless of the nature of the post, it just goes to show the hypocritical nature of these "14 words" men.

Anonymous said...

This was right on. Continual exposure of these scum is a must. Great work ARC!

Anonymous said...

i'm just gonna call it, ARC. Telling girls to wear certain clothes or be encouraging lecherous fucks...? I KNOW you know better.