Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Update on Macdonald and BC Blood & Honour: Posts on Hammerskin Forum

Tonight on "The National" a story will air concerning the racist movement in Canada. Much of it will focus on the recent hack of far right websites and email addresses, including those of Canadian racists known very well to us and to our readers. However there might also be some focus on the assaults in Vancouver.

So it seems appropriate then to post some of the screenshots of Shawn Macdonald's posts on the Hammerskin's webforum.

We can't be sure exactly when Shawn had his account removed, though it is likely he did so around the time he was deleting his posts (and the entire Canadian section) from the Blood & Honour forum he helped moderate. Also, changing your name from, "Big Mac" to "Big Cheese" really isn't fooling anyone.

Some of these posts are quite interesting in that Macdonald heavily promoted combat sports as training for WNs who, as Shawn himself says were already, "familiar with street fighting." But we'll let our readers peruse the screen shots and let us know what they think:

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Notmyteam said...

Judging by the last picture, the bigger they are the harder they fall, eh shawn?