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Monday, December 17, 2018

Money Money Money: Faith Goldy Tries to Pay Legal Bill and Tyler Malenfant of Yellow Vests Canada Promotes Vague Fund Raiser

When ARC learned that, in addition to the $50,000 legal bill owed to her lawyer, Faith Goldy would also be hit with an additional $43,000 in court costs to Bell Canada I knew that she would face this challenge with grace and dignity.... if by grace and dignity I really meant crying, gnashing teeth, and begging:

Those last two tweets will become relevant soon enough.

If one had gone to her Go Fund Me page, one would notice that every single person who contributed was a male because despite her recent marriage they STILL are desperate to get her into bed which is really pathetic.

Still, she does have her female supporters, one of whom post the following onto Tyler Malenfant's Yellow Vests Canada Facebook page:

The subsequent discussion which includes former III% member and former leader Beau Welling, Freebird Media personality and ethno-nationalist Alexander Van Hamme, and Georges Hallak quickly turned into a farce (more so) when someone successfully trolled the lot of them:

Unfortunately, the fun didn't last:

No exaggeration. Her GFM profile really was taken down that quickly:


UPDATE: Goldy has a very high opinion of herself as she whines.

Coincidentally, Goldy wasn't the only person involved in this past Saturday's reactionary Yellow Vests protest in Toronto to grift fund raise:

Tyler Melenfant, a man who has a history of posting racist, Islamophobic, and antisemitic rhetoric, is trying to raise $4000 for the following:

And despite most of these people knowing of Malenfant for at best a week and in some cases claiming to be unemployed and hard up for money, there are those who seem willing to pony up:

The reason why Cruise feels Melanfant is trustworthy is.... well.... you sort of have to see it to believe it (even though you won't be at all surprised):

Having his photo taken in front of Trump Tower is enough to make Cruise trust that Malenfant is on the level.

If that's the case, I should even be more trustworthy since when I was recently in New York, I had my picture taken in front of Trump Tower not once, not twice, but thrice! Sure, two of those pictures involved me impotently giving the building the middle finger which did nothing other than temporarily make me feel better since buildings are non-living, unconscious, structures devoid of any emotions.... but yeah! I sure showed THAT assemblage of steel and masonry what's what!

Now while many people are as credulous (one might uncharitably suggest gullible) as Cruise, others are a might bit suspicious. The following is part of the very lengthy exchange that took place on the thread which involves the usual backbiting:

Lots of suspicion and anxiety, however it appears the some of the most critical comments have been deleted and those who posted them kicked out of the group since, to use the vernacular of the alt-right, Tyler Malenfant is a bit of a snowflake who doesn't like criticism:

ARC will continue to keep an eye on the Yellow Vests Canada page as well as other far-right groups who have appropriated the symbol from the French protests. In fact the next article on this topic will reintroduce readers to a familiar face:

Yep, John Richard Marleau, formerly of the Aryan Guard and Blood & Honour, is advocating using violence to achieve their goals:

More on this soon.


Anonymous said...

Intriguing to see the Canadian Anti-Hate Network going on offense. The Wrath of CAHN. Can't wait to try delicious treats at Paramount Bakery next time I'm in Toronto. Merry Christmas!

Daniel C. Gallant said...


My gosh...silly..."brother-up"....hahaha...

Daniel Gallant