Friday, August 14, 2009

So, What Has Robert Reitmeier Been Up To Lately?

Well, for one thing, getting really, really poor quality prison-style tattoos. Really poor. We've seen prison tattoos before and most are far better then these. No self-respecting member of the Aryan Brotherhood would be caught dead with such a miserable excuse for a swastika tattoo.

Oh, and nice wife beater farmer's tan Robbie.

Less than a year ago, Reitmeier was shot by Roland Ashley Warawa, in a "random" incident which was a result of "mistaken identity" (and if you believe any of that, we wonder if you'd be interested in purchasing a slightly used bridge in Swift Current). We speculated at the time that had Reitmeier sought medical attention immediately and not withheld information about the shooter, Warwa might have been captured before he shot and blinded Brazilian student Jose Ribamar Ribeiro Neto.

One would have thought such a brush with mortality would cause an individual to reassess his life and commit to making some fundamental changes. Sadly, such was not the case for Reitmeier. In fact Reitmeier seems to have further entrenched himself within the world of neo-Nazi extremism.

Although he ws one of the founders of the Aryan Gurd, Reitmeier and a few others evidently didn't think that they were proactive enough (read "proactive" as "violent"). As a result an offshoot was formed that they called Western European Bloodlines (or Brotherhood depending on whom one talks to) or W.E.B. That offshoot seems to have become an autonomous entity, but the membership of the new group still had a working relationship with Aryan Guard members as evidenced by their participation in the "White Pride Day" march on March 21 of this past year (Reitmeier, Brent Golding and a few other W.E.B. members also seem to have been involved in the majority of the assults committed by the Nazi side). Well, it seems that the working relationship might now be bust:

Really Robbie? And they were so nice to you when you were in jail facing attempted murder charges yourself:

[Stormfront Post By Kyle McKee August 11, 2007] A good brother of ours "German pride" [Reitmeier] has been in the Calgary remand center now since around may and has been in and out since November of 2006 when he was charged with attempted murder [the link to the arrest and charged is found here]. I have asked him if he would mind if I posted his story on here and he said it would be fine. There was guy in the downtown area that was beaten with in an inch of his life suffering an open skull fracture and was bleeding heavily from the head. He was found early the next morning and was taken to the hospital and slipped into a coma and still remands in one to this day but hasn't died yet to the best of my knowledge. They had origanly picked up some indian for it. that indian wrought 3 diffrent statments none of witch were the same except they all pointed the finger of convienenc at a skinhead. We used to all drink at this bar called "the crazy donkey" where this indian and the victom also drank at. now I might tell you all abit about this part of town. it is one of the highest crime parts of the down town and the bar is right across the street from a drop in center where all the homeless and drug dealers can all eat and live of the backs of the working class. the indian that made the 3 statments is a drug user and a suspected drug dealer. Pretty much what it comes down to is our brother rob was arested because he is a skinhead. There is no real evidence other than the rambelings of some indian. Forensics came back with nothing and are only really going on the statments of an indian trying to get out of a charge. He would really like it if anyone took the time to send him a letter of support. We have been sending him money every week but I thought it would be nice if some more people could at least right him a letter. so here is his address
Robert Reitmeier 
Calgary Remand Centre 
12200 85st NW 
Calgary, AB.

Might make for a lively annual Aryan Guard BBQ should the W.E.B. members make an appearance.

We find this split to be most intriguing. We also wonder which way individuals such as R.N. will go. He was a die-hard Ayan Guard loyalist, but W.E.B. is a little more inclined to overt violence which R.N. has shown himself all too willing to participate in and even initiate.

It might be too early to say so, but we'll engage in a bit of speculation now. The W.E.B. members appear slightly more inclined towards overt acts of violence; this may draw like-minded Aryan Guard members into W.E.B. diminishing the Aryan Guard. In the meantime, W.E.B. members, not among the smartest cookies, may be dealt with as it's hard for the police to ignore continued violent attacks especially if made known to the media.

To bookend this article, we'll start as we finished. Today we noticed the following status update on Rob Reitmeier's brother's Facebook:

Brytny, you are the dumbest cunt alive, you try to kill my fucking BROTHER? Fucking dumb slut, you're lucky I'm not in Calgary, fucking whore.

We had thought the brother was engaging in a bit of rhetorical hyperbole until he wrote the following reply to someone questioning his post:
[She] stabbed him in an artery, on the back of his leg, he had to gethis muscle sewn back together.
So let this be a lesson to those interested in joining a group such as the Aryan Guard or W.E.B. If you believe that minorities are running around assaulting and killing white Canadians and that joining a racist gang is a way to protect yourself and show your, "White Pride," we can assure you that there is a far greater chance of being assaulted and/or murdered by one of your "brothers" or "sisters."

Don't believe us? Here are a few selected examples:
And for your viewing entertainment, Robert Reitmeier, who does a mean, drunken air guitar, getting locked out of a C-Train.


Anonymous said...

It is no secret that the Aryan Guard and Robert do not speak. According to what I have heard that has been for a very long time now. This group WEB is into quite the drugs according to people that have been around them only a couple of times. They are into them so much so that they invite random people over (of all races I might add) and do drugs in front of them. It is no wonder why Robert has such horrible tattos. He was most likely high on something and thought it was 'WP' or whatever. I say they are all a bunch of fucking losers.

Atila Hunter said...

Those tattoos can not be real? This fool needs to be educated in what it is to be proud of ones self.

By the sounds of it, he will be the typical meth-head that brags about being "White Power" while playing cards with his negro cellmate.

We all know the kind.

Anonymous said...

Well? What's there to say about a nut job like that idiot. Wow....

Anonymous said...

There's a tattoo convention in Edmonton this weekend. Might I suggest Reitmeier take a little trip and have dolphins and tuna fish inked into the fishing net on his chin?

What's that you say? It's a web? Ooooooooh...spooky!

I hope he doesn't plan to ever have a job or a girlfriend or any semblance of a life. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

those look more like 'passed out' sharpie drawings then tattoos

Anonymous said...

Reading Kyle Mckee's story is a little bit like trying to read ye olde englishe. Does the dude not know how to type?

Anonymous said...

A little something else that Robert has been up too, he will be apperaing in a court trial soon for the rape of a dear friend. I know Robert personally, and he is A WHOLE lot of talk, he has coloured friends, and is proud of it. if he were anything that he rants about, he wouldn't even be going near a black, chinese, pakistanian person. So, he and his group of friends are alllll lies.

Anonymous said...

I grew up with Robert and a majority of our friends were black! To think he has become a white supremacist is screwed up. It's sick and twisted!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Brytny stabbed Rob.

Anonymous said...

Too bad she missed the mark.