Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Bill Noble

It has come to our attention that Bill Noble's birthday was today. Well, as our gift, we would like to make public his call for the murder (though we're sure he would term it in a much more noble and heroic manner) of "multiculturalists:

Strictly speaking from a legal point of view, Noble may be correct in that he's not targeting a single identifiable group, though we're not sure that widening the list of those destined for the gallows once the new Aryan regime takes over is really an improvement in equity. He's also been very supportive of the murderer of the three police officers in Pennsylvania last week. Not to mention he's still flagrantly violating the terms of his release.

Can anyone remind us why he's not back in jail yet?


Anonymous said...

I find it hilarious that he proposes genocide against people he proclaims to be genocidal. Just goes to show, doesn't matter how many five dollars you use, an idiot is still an idiot.

Someone should look up the jail time for conspiracy to treason.

AuntieFa said...

There we have it - the same old nazi crap, regurgitated and revamped for the glorious stormtroopers of the new millenia. Multiculturalism bad (only for you guys). Shaved head and nazi tattoos good (if you consider Uncle Fester good looking). Take over and kill the opposition (like the nazis did in the 40's).

Bill, when you eventually land in hell, please give my regards to the fuhrer.

Anonymous said...

Gee... I though Mr. Noble was just "proud to be white". Hm. Turns out he's a murderous hater after all.

I never would have guessed.