Monday, April 13, 2009

More on the Lindsay Decision

If you have a burning interest in reading the entirety of the decision that resulted in Kevin Lindsay's stay in prison (and really, why would you?), we invite you to read the following. It's long, and occassionally dry, but it does offer jems such as this as Lindsay, acting as his own attorney, is questioning Tracy Todd who had served him earlier:

Q When are you alleging I first became a person?
A When you were born.

We hope you enjoy:

UPDATE: You know what? Why don't we just direct you to this site which provides the details of the decision. It's easier to read and doesn't clutter our blog.


AuntieFa said...

All the legalities aside, why didnt he just say it straight out - "I'm not giving you any money, ever."
I dont see the reason behind all the screwing around when all he had to do was stand up and tell them he wasn't going to pay. The detax movement has some unusual ideas, and most of it is just stalling tactics. If you really don't want to fund the government you should at least have the stones to say it, to a judge, in no uncertain terms and be prepared to be punished.

Didn't Bill Noble try to pull the "that isnt me" crap when he got busted?

noonespecial200 said...

Yes, and Noble is still trying to claim that he is not the "person" who was charged and convicted.

Y_I_Otter said...


When I read "Lindsay" I thought for a second it was the guy who acted as Zündel's lawyer in the Security Certificate fiasco before he was shipped off to Germany.

What's the problem with 'taxes' anyway? I look at it like rent-- if you want to live in a decent, safe neighbourhood, with services that actually work, you have to expect to pay a bit more, right?

Anonymous said...

I like this exchange, too:

Q And is he a person?
A Yes.
Q How do you know that?
A Because I've seen him walking around.

Spock said...

Great blog and good start.

I think it would help those of us who are just stepping into understanding the racist situation in Canada if you would give a little more background of some of the people you are writing about.

You have a lot of good information, but it is being written a little "inner circle" as if the readers are going to already know about who you are talking about, and many (like myself) will not.

Other than that, all looks great!


noonespecial200 said...

We're inclined to agree with you Spock. In fact we had planned on writing profiles of some of the better known (and some lesser known) boneheads, but have been sidelined by some other stories. Unfortunately our outside lives get in the way on occasion, but that doesn't mean that we won't take constructive criticism to heart. In fact, you've given us an idea as to how we might make this site a little more user friendly.