Wednesday, April 22, 2009

R.N. Soon To Be Released

Though he's now 18, we're unable to name R.N. because the assault he was convicted of occurred when he was still a minor, however we will warn the public of his release:

Violent white supremacist to be released from jail


CALGARY -- An unrepentant racist who attacked a Japanese woman in downtown Calgary for no apparent reason won't have to serve any more jail.

Youth court Judge Gordon Burrell agreed with Crown and defence submissions yesterday the teen has already served enough time behind bars.

Instead, Burrell placed the young offender, who can't be named, on a 500-day Intensive Support and Supervision Order to promote his rehabilitation.

But despite handing down the sentence which effectively gives the teen the maximum two-year punishment under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, Burrell said he wasn't optimistic the offender will reform.

"I anticipate it will take years to accomplish a change in his attitudes," Burrell said, of the white supremacist.

"I'm under the view more custody would not protect the public in the long term," he said.

"I even have my doubts that he will be rehabilitated under what the Crown has proposed ... I suspect we have a lost soul amongst us and there's nothing we can do."

The offender, now 18, attacked his victim last July 26, outside a downtown bar while she spoke on her cellphone.

He drop-kicked Asako Okazaki, knocking her to the ground, before kicking her some more.

Burrell noted the teen, an admitted member of the Aryan Guard, continues to hold his racist beliefs.

"His ... beliefs are deeply ingrained," the judge said.

"It is unlikely that he's going to change his belief system in the near future."

Crown prosecutor Karuna Ramakrishnan had sought the lengthy ISSO, to restrict the offender once he is returned to the community. Ramakrishnan agreed with defence counsel Jim Conway the 230 days the teen has served behind bars since his arrest last September, was adequate jail time.

She said his time at the Calgary Young Offender Centre has shown he continues to believe in white supremacy, having to be disciplined for a comment to an Asian staffer and being found with racist propaganda in his cell.

Burrell warned the teen such antics won't be tolerated at the Calgary Remand Centre, where he'll have to go if he breaches his ISSO, since he is now an adult.

We fully expect R.N. to end up back in prison as an adult given his attitude and propensity towards violence.


AuntieFa said...

"The offender, now 18"

Sweet music to my ears. I'd almost be willing to lay down money that RN will be charged with something within the 120 day mark. Hey, I could be wrong, but the track record would indicate this is a safe bet.

Anonymous said...

ahah this kid is gunna have one hell of a time in remand if he ever does. yea, they wont tolerate it, all the guards will take him out back and fuck him up. have fun on the yard you pussy

Anonymous said...

The comments on this Herald article are pretty funny and make me think R.N. should probably watch his back. Doesn't look like he's a popular dude right about now.