Sunday, April 19, 2009

Aryan Guard Breaks Up Family

We've been following this situation for some time now but only now have we decided to come public with this story (with permission). We hope that this will further expose the Aryan Guard as the antithesis of the "family values" they claim to espouse.

One of the participants during the events of March 21 was a person whom we refer to as J.H. because he is currently still a minor, though originally we had thought he was older because he traveled to Calgary from Hamilton, Ontario alone. We later learned that he had lied to another relative to get money for the bus fare (he claimed he needed money for a school trip).

The racist views that J.H. currently espouses are not shared by or supported by his family (he doesn't live at home now). In fact his mother had been tireless in her efforts to save her son from the racist group. She learned that Aryan Guard member John Marleau had been the one who "recruited" J.H. into the racist movement (he later sent her a series of messages bragging about it). She also accused Paul Fromm of influencing her son.

J.H.'s mother started a Facebook group to try and expose Marleau and Fromm for what she felt they had done to her son. Almost immediately Aryan Guard members and supporters inundated the group with vitriolic writing and threats. The mother also received email and phone threats which she has now passed on to the police. The individuals attacking J.H.'s mother then threatened to sue her for libel; the irony that they claim to be "free spech advocates" only when they are the ones writing or speaking appears to have been lost on them. Finally, one Aryan Guard supporter created a Facebook group attacking the mother. When she joined to respond to their claims, John Marleau answered:

J.H. has thrown himself head first into the racist movement. In addition to joining the Aryan Guard and their supporters on March 21, J.H. has been passing out Paul Fromm's anti-immigration fliers in Hamilton. His mother has also thrown herself into trying to get him to come to his senses. Unfortunately, J.H. seems to have fully committed himself. Recently, his mother sent J.H. the following message:

Today at 12:11am
hope you had a nice easter..theres things here for you if u decide to be part of this family again...we love you... but it has to be up to know what has to happen for u to come home....doesnt mean i dont love u or worry about you [J.H]...but u know where we are with this

What was J.H.'s response?

Today at 2:05am
fuck off u fuckin bitch

Today at 2:12am

Today at 2:14am

J.H.'s mother has stated that he was once a typical teenager, sometimes a bit mouthy, but generally respectful of authority. On April 17, only a few hours after his last message to his mother, J.H. was arrested on six counts of uttering threats after calling some individuals at their residence and threatening them with physical harm. His response when he was released:

[J.H.] is what a night man, jeeze cops can be fucking harsh . --1488----

Is it any wonder why parents are concerned about the Aryan Guard and their attempts to influence our children?

UPDATE: Just one of the numerous comments that were directed at J.H.'s mother and her supporters:

-->you know what... I would be very cautious of what you say.... run and hide... you lying sacs of shit... I see a rock in the corner for you to go crawl under... maybe if you crawl far enough under I might not be able to boot fuck you for shit talking my [figurative] dad [Fromm] and [figurative] brother [Marleau]!!! be fucking afraid!! we are not people to be fucked with!!!

The above comment was left by a person who used to post on numerous hate sites as "Aryanprincess1488." We refer to her as the "Nazi Mom."


Canajun said...

Sad (and frightening) that such hateful and despicable people circulate among us.

AuntieFa said...

Do you have a link to the facebook group? PS- happy 420, and FUCK HITLER!!

Anonymous said...

ahahaha aryan guard are fuckin bitch. lipping off a kids mom? get some respect you tools. please tough guys make the journey out west and see how hard you are. johns not so big when hes running from J. and N. haha

Anonymous said...

As a parent, this makes me cringe, particularly when I read that the boneheads are threatening the woman. For what? For caring about and loving her son. GROSS.

I'd love to see someone step up and teach this boy a lesson, perhaps by washing his mouth out with soap, then throwing him across their knee for a good spanking. I also hope this kid grows up and realizes that he's been abusive and cruel. If he keeps it up, he'll be incredibly lucky if he doesn't irreparably damage his relationship with them.

I also hope that J.H.'s mother is safe and getting the support she deserves through all of this. My thoughts go out to her.

Anonymous said...

It says alot about a group when they start hijacking kids from a foreign province. Sad

Anonymous said...

yeah he sure wouldnt look it but marleaus a runner

Anonymous said...

I maybe WP , but I do not support such foolish actions. Aryan Guard is a joke! A bunch of teenage angst/anger/stupidity etc. That being said I don't think this case is 100% black and white (pardon the pun) as not all the BS from both sides are accounted for in this piece. One should always have respect for their parents, your parents gave you life...put your petty politics aside and don't be a douchebag. Your family will always be there for you, your "CREW" on the other hand will not be.

EXIT said...

Kay, there's no fucking way people can't see how sick those Aryan Snakes are. Proof is right here between me and the WP Anon that posted above me, I'm an Anti-Racist Activist myself, and i have to say he's just fucking right. Theres a time for politics, but when it comes to family, you put that shit aside, especially with your mother and show some respect. He (Anon ^^) is right, your family will stand by you through hell and high water, and i feel sorry for the kid, cos' reality is one day when he hits bottom and has to look up just to see hell he will wish he showed his mom the respect she deserved. Some stupid fucking little "org" will never amount to that.

Anonymous said...

I want to fucking cry... i have been best friends with this kid since i was like 10! .... Lost track of him ages ago but it breaks my heart to see his mother trying so hard.... im sorry.