Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Bits and Bites.

This was an anonymous message we received today.

lol instead of posting stupid shit like this you should get on the fact that kyle mcgee or however yous spell his name got killed at work by a truck

The above message was followed up by this one:

kyles fucking dead so you can stop slandering him

We received a few more messages, including one saying that he was pronounced dead at the Peter Lougheed Hospital in Calgary.

Well golly gee! We guess we'll just publish this "news" without any further investigation as to it's veracity. We certainly will not contact a friend who works as a nurse at Peter Lougheed Hospital who would be able to tell us if it's true or if it's a load of horse manure in a matter of minutes. Why would we ever suspect news like this delivered to us on April 1 would be anything less than totally credible?

And if you have an bridges on sale we want to buy half a dozen.

Come on! Give us a little more credit than that. No, Kyle McKee is very much alive, though he still looks as scrawny as a meth addict. You all have to do a lot better than that.

In other news, we managed to identify a few more Aryan Guard supporters from the March 21 rally. We published their names along with the others. Speaking of names, one of the people we named seems to have been taken quite aback concerning our having identified him:


It doesn't seem that Jordan H., pictured here with Paul Fromm, is appreciative of our efforts. One point of clarification however. We are not the ARA, but we do have a very amicable working relationship with some of their members. We don't suppose that fact will mean a great deal to Mr. H. though. We also enjoyed his emo, "no one understands me" moment as well:

fuck everyone who is agianst me. I will always stand proud and strong. Think what you want.''brainwashed'' Listen to the lying media cause thats the only source you get the worries about. Im Not a fuckingg child anymore, Im not ever changing. Disowning me will only affect you in the end.


We also recently had some discussions with Michael Gaio of Toronto. He too was surprised that we knew who he was. We decided to ask him about his friends Richard Martin and Andrew Benson:

hahaah i dont even speak with them. saw them once downtown and that was it. so how the hell would i know? i dont hang out with them i got my own people.

We thought that the great Aryan Race would be more honest. Well, for someone who doesn't hang out with them, Puddles sure does hang out with them.

Aw! Looks just like that scene out of "An Officer and a Gentleman." We guess that makes Gaio Debra Winger and Richard Martin a very homley Richard Gere.

It's interesting that Gaio has tried to convince us that he's not associated with Martin, Benson and that group. Perhaps because the last two pictures seem to have come from the batch of photos taken of Martin committing arson?

Finally, a blast from the past. We at Anti-Racist Canada have been active long before we began this blog. We've been monitoring racists on line not long after Stormfront came online back in the mid 1990s.

A few years ago, a young man named Renaud Emard was busy posting away on hate websites such as Stormfront and Blood & Honour as Necro99. Among his online activities was posting pictures of himself with numerous firearms in front of Nazi flags, writing racist online posts and talking about his obsession with the Columbine murders. This was just after the Kimveer Gill attack on Dawson College in Montreal. Given this it isn't too much of a surprise that police in Quebec took down Renaud soon after being made aware of his online activities.

While we missed it at the time (we were busy preparing for the Aryan Guard march), here are two articles that detail how Mr. Renaud plead guilty to almost all of the weapons charges against him and received a conditional discharge with a year's probation. He claims to have learned his lesson. Let's all hope that this is the case.

Conditional discharge for Îile Perrot man who dabbled in racist past-times

Wed, 2009-03-18 15:07.
Shuyee Lee

A young Île Perrot man who dabbled in racist online chats and paraphernalia has pleaded guilty to most of the weapons charges against him. But he won't have a criminal record.

It was about two weeks after the Dawson shootings and police didn't take any chances when they arrested Renaud Émard on seven weapons violations after they searched his bedroom at his parent's Île Perrot home and found five unloaded guns and plenty of ammunition, plus posters of and books on guns, the military, the Third Reich, and ethnic cleansing. Émard was also believed to have been chatting online on white supremacist sites and posting pictures of himself giving the Heil Hitler salute and holding guns.

The guns belonged to his father, a hunter and gun collector, and were improperly stored. Police found 20 guns in all. Émard pleaded guilty to all but the most serious weapons charge, weapons possession for dangerous intent, which was dropped. He was given a conditional discharge and one year probation.

Anti-terrorist and hate crimes investigators also found a suitcase with military paraphernalia, a
manual entitled "Ethnic Cleansing", posters of guns with slogans such as "Born to Kill" and "Natural Born Killer", and a list of schoolmates he considered to be annoyances to be done away with.

During his first bail hearing in October 2006, the 18-year-old testified he was surprised the list was still around and that he didn't get rid of the list, insisting he was still on friendly terms with the people on the list.

His lawyer says it was all an act by an immature young man who was bullied and teased at school and the alleged online threats were just posturing to gain respect and acceptance, adding his client in no way approved of the actions of the Dawson shooter.

"All the experts concluded that he wasn't a danger to society. He didn't have the intent to kill anybody," defence attorney Robert La Haye tells CJAD News, pointing to two psychiatrists' reports.
"It was just having a behaviour that would make some people to think that but that wasn't the case."
The judge agreed, calling it bad judgement and an error of youth, saying Émard has come a long way following his therapy.

Émard told the judge that it was partly his fault and understood what he did wrong. The young man, now 20, still has a babyface two and a half years after his arrest, but now he's got a goatee and his shaved head is now fully grown out. He appeared relaxed, sometimes smiling during the court proceedings.

Guilty plea to gun charges after Web threats

An Île Perrot man who was arrested for making threats on the Internet less than a month after the Dawson College shootings has been given a conditional discharge.

Renaud Émard, 20, pleaded guilty to most of the weapons charges laid, after police saw images of him posing with several guns, and making a salute to Adolf Hitler on a popular white supremacist website.

Émard was living with his parents on Oct. 4, 2006, when he made threats similar to those made by Dawson shooter Kimveer Gill. He was arrested and charged with possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, possession of a prohibited weapon - brass knuckles - and five counts of careless storage of five rifles. The guns belonged to his father.

Yesterday, his lawyer, Robert La Haye, said Émard was depressed at the time that he made the threats, and fellow students were making fun of him because of his large size.

He has since undergone therapy. La Haye said neither Émard's therapist nor the prosecutor's psychiatrist found that Émard represents a danger to society. Because he was discharged, Émard won't have a criminal record.


Anonymous said...

isn't it illegal for someone at the hospital to just give you that information?

noonespecial200 said...

We didn't ask for a name or anything specific. We asked about circumstances of the accident that was alleged to have occurred. And we were told based on the information that we provided that there wasn't anything that matched, though not in as many words. Everything was nice and legal like.

When you put 2 and 2 together, it isn't hard to come up with 4.

Anonymous said...

no, I don't deny that it was all a joke. Or that it wasn't easy to figure out. I was just curious if it was all found out legally. Good to know.

Anonymous said...

The lack of news articles was suspicious, you figure if a worker dies they would publish that in a paper somewhere.
No I am quite inclined to believe the Kyle is very much alive and this may be some ploy for him to disappear of the radar for a while or something, or maybe a publicity stunt?

Anonymous said...

Random question I'm going to throw out there ... why do neo-Nazis have such apparently difficulty keeping their shirts on? I don't know about anyone else, but where I live, we take our shirts off when we're at the beach or maybe mowing the lawn. With these boys it's like they feel compelled to disrobe whenever indoors.