Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Because Sometimes We Couldn't Say It Any Better...

... we would ask our readers to check out BigCityLib's latest on the Lindsay Blackett's efforts to "reform" (read: gut) Section 13 of Alberta's Human Rights code.

The long and the short? It ain't happening and Ezra Levant isn't pleased.

And why is it that Stelmach is weak because he doesn't do what Levant demands? To be sure Stelmach is weak, but at least in this case he did the right thing. We also find this comment by Levant to be interesting:

Ed Stelmach, Alberta's weak premier, shows he's still strong when it comes to pushing his MLAs around. Today he put that uppity cabinet minister Lindsay Blackett...back in his place.

Mr. Blackett is a person of colour. We wonder if Levant understands the impications of the word, "uppity"? We think he does and is purposely trying to inject racial politics into the discussion. Pretty shameful, but whatcha go'n a do?

And we would like to echo BigCityLib's thanks to the Aryan Guard. If they hadn't caused such an ugly scene during their March 21, 2009 march that didn't actually go anywhere and blighted the reputation of Alberta by helping to create an impression that the province is a haven for racists, Mr. Blackett may very well have been able to get his "reforms" passed.

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