Thursday, April 23, 2009

Paul Fromm: "Their day will come."

Paul Fromm (pictured on the left after having beached himself on the shores of the Dominican Republic; local Greenpeace members diligently poured water over his body to keep him moist until he was finally rolled back into the ocean), who's libel appeal to the Supreme Court was just rejected with costs which will result in him having to pony up more cash, promotes himself as a free speech warrior (and, if you're FOX News, you might actually buy his claim). In addition to his anti-immigrant diatribes, Fromm has stated on his vanity Internet radio show on Stormfront, as well as some of his writing, that he has nobly thrown himself into the free speech debate for the good of all freedom-loving Canadians. In fact, he's so magnanimous that he supports free speech for not only the Aryan Guard, Marc Lemire, Tomasz Winnicki, Brad Love and a host of other righties, but also for those who disagree with him even if he finds those views objectionable.

And if you believe that we have a bridge in Pokemouche we'd like to sell you.

Fromm made a few new friends when he attended the Aryan Guard organized march this time last month in Calgary, among whom numbered Jody Issel of Saskatchewan and R.L. from Calgary (R.L., a pudgy teen with delusions of adequacy, is a minor and shall not be named). Recently, Issel posted the lyrics to a rather unimaginative entitled song, "Left Wing Scum" by a White Power music group, Day Of The Sword (who's member, Scott Stedeford, was sentenced to 30 years in prison for his involvement in bank robberies committed by the Aryan Republican Army). R.L. certainly liked the song's message (though we suspect when actually confronted with carrying out the threats therein, he would run as fast as his stubby legs would carry him). And, apparently, so does Mr. Paul Fromm:

Would Mr. Fromm like to explain what exactly he means by his statement when given the context of posted message that he's commenting on?


Anonymous said...

Does Paul shave his chest?

Anonymous said...

i definitely thought he'd avoid potential tanning...