Sunday, April 26, 2009

Paul Fromm and Personal Historical Revisionisn

Bonehead Mike Gaio, when wondering about what to do on his birthday, wrote that he might like to go to Jack Astor's. Mention of that particular restaurant prompted Paul Fromm to write (click on picture for the full view):

So you, Lemire and the group of geriatrics you were leading, "whupped" the ARA who "attacked" you? Is that right? Was that before or after you and Lemire raced into the restaurant to hide? Because we would think that it would be very difficult to determine what was happening considering you spent your time hiding in a storage closet.


Anonymous said...

Since I have been reading your blog I am usually amused to the nth degree. There is something that I have noticed when it comes to these fucking morons. NONE OF THEM CAN SPELL!!!! Apparently spell check escapes them.


Marcello said...

We all had video of Marc Lemire and Paul Fromm running like hell when they saw ARA. The waitress also stated she caught Fromm hiding in the dry storage in her written statement to the popo.