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Thursday, April 09, 2009

A Quick Observation

We find it very interesting that the moment a non-Caucasian Canadian is alleged to have committed a crime (especially a violent crime) or is convicted of a crime, the Canadian posters on Stormfront fall all over themselves to post hate-filled messages about the ethnic group to which this individual belongs.

However, when it is a Caucasian Canadian who is accused of or convicted of a crime, there is almost always silence. Unless of course they first assume the person is Jewish, though when that proves to be untrue the thread usually dries up.

Or, as in the case of the White Boy Posse, people like Bill Noble excuse or justify their actions.

Or how about excusing the actions of alleged cop killer (and Stormfront member) Richard Poplawski by Noble on Stormfront as well as posters on the Aryan Guard forums?

We wonder why that is?

UPDATE: Wait a moment? Is "back to europe movement" derisively referring to the dead police officers as "stormtroopers" and then calling on other posters to celebrate Hitler's birthday?

Hey, uhm, do you know who the original stormtroopers were? We're not sure that your idol old Adolf would appreciate you dissing German war vets.

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