Friday, February 20, 2009

Aryan Guard At It Again

Most of our readers are aware of the Aryan Guard's plan for another "White Pride" day rally on March 21. This information isn't exactly old news, in fact the mayor of Calgary has already said that the Aryan Guard will not be permitted to hold their rally on city property. We know that there will be at least a few members and associates who attended last year's march and rally, such as the young man currently on trial for assaulting a Japanese immigrant, the Winnipeg Nazi mom and dad who lost custody of their children only days after returning from last year's event, our favourite loose canon Tom Trenerry, foul-mouthed Nazi kitty cat lover Jason Harley, disgraced university lecturer Terry Tremaine and a number of others may have a difficult time attending this year's events due to legal issues of conflicts with current members of the Aryan Guard.

Well the Aryan Guard have gotten their little brains together and have come up with a bit of a game plan for this upcoming march. The march is about "pride" not hate or violence. Or so they claim. Anyways, the following is, we guess, the code of conduct they expect their members and supporters to abide by:
  1. No Nazi paraphenilia (blood banners, battle flags, SS symbolism) is to be displayed at the march.
  2. No discriminatory slogans, signs or banners are to be displayed.
  3. No alcohol is to be consumed at or prior to the march.
They also add the following claim that they aren't about discrimination at all. No, they're simply proud to be white:

It is important to note that this event is not intended as discriminatory or demeaning towards any group, but rather to promote a rememberance and celebration of our own (european) culture/s, heritage, and ancestory.


So it looks like the Aryan Guard are going to try and be on their absolute best behavior, we assume because they think they might be able to score some media points. And who would we be if we didn't throw a bit of a monkey wrench into those plans? Really, what fun would that be?

The creator of the Facebook group promoting the Aryan Guard march and rally goes by the name Schutz Staffeln. His real name is Dustyn Johnson, the big guy standint next to Kyle McKee giving the "Heil Hitler" salute. Oh, we're sorry. According to Bill Noble that's the Roman Salute. Or is it only the Roman Salute when "Willis" is throwing up his arm and a Seig Heil when it's the rest of the Aryan Guard? We get so confused sometimes keeping their convoluted claims striaght sometimes. Anyways this is the "man" who has stated that no one attending the march will be allowed to attend if they are displaying overt racist symbols. We assume he means like this one:

This is Johnson wearing a jacket with the symbol of the SS on it when he and 6 or 7 other Aryan Guard members and supporters showed up unwelcomed at the Pro-Gaza rally in January. Or how about this one?:

[Picture of Johnson in red Swastika t-shirt marching and Sieg Heiling in a basement along with McKee and an other male: Removed at the request of the photographer Brett Gundlock]

Here we have Johnson, McKee and another AG member marching around a basement Seig Heiling with Nazi flags and a portrait of Hitler on the wall.

How about this one?:

[Back of Johnson't t-shirt (reads, "Team White Power"): Removed at the request of the photographer Brett Gundlock]

Same shirt, but a view of the back. So much for their claims that this rally isn't about "White Power." Here's McKee with a jacket that he wore at last year's "White Pride" rally that reads, "White Power" as well:

Jesus, the McKee even got a tattoo that reads, "White Power":

[Kyle McKee showing off his tattoo on his left pectoral that says, "White Power: Removed at the request of the photographer Brett Gundlock]

And they actually have the gall to claim that this march isn't about supremacy. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the very definition of chutzpah.

The Aryan Guard's other claim is their support for free speech. Their own speech it seems. The following was written by Johnson on the wall of a Facebook group created to organize opposition to the Aryan Guard march and rally:

Threats of violence and intimidation. Looks like Johnson is batting .1000 so far.

So on that note, let us provide our readers with information regarding the counter protest to the Aryan Guard rally:

March 21 Anti-racism rally

Saturday, March 21, 2009
10:00am - 4:00pm
Steps of City Hall
700 McLeod Tr SE
Calgary, AB

UPDATE: Our regular readers will likely notice that three images were removed from the blog post. This is because we received the following message from photographer Brett Gundlock:

Where did you get the new photos of the Aryan Gaurd [sic] on your blog? You
have three photos that are taken by me, copy written to me and my

I would request that you take them down.

The photos were sent to us by people with access to certain Facebook groups and profiles on which members of the Aryan Guard are active. None of the photos indicated that Mr. Gundlock was the photographer. We provided him with the appropriate links where the Aryan Guard posted the pictures as well.

While the photographs were very useful in illustrating the hypocrisy of the Aryan Guard claims, we are well aware of issues related to copyright. We may, in the future, repost the photographs with full credit to the photographer should he give us permission to do so after he has completed his project that focuses on the Aryan Guard.
We should mention that we don't bear Mr. Grundlock any ill will for his request and that he was amicable and gracious in his discussion with us regarding the photographs.

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AuntieFa said...

So, on one of my many sleepless nights I lurk the various WN forums, And read past ARC blogs. Never hurts to read up on stuff. I've noticed that Mr Gundlock's photos still abound on Hot Air Front and the AG forums (I have trouble believing this is a mere coincidence). I'm wondering just how nuetral and objective He is, seems to me by the pictures he's not on bad terms with members of the Aryan Guard. Anybody who posts material on the internet and somehow believes they still "own" said material is suffering from delusions. Once it's on the net, it belongs to the world - nothing short of shutting the internet down completely will change that. The genie has left the bottle....