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Friday, February 13, 2009

Something Interesting on Kathy Shaidle's Wikipedia Entry

It looks as if someone is doing their darndest to clean up and sanitize all the racist comments attributed to Shaidle that are printed on her Wikipedia article. Here is what was originally published before the revisions were made. And here is what it looks like now.

A Wiki user going by the handle, "Tomwindowpaine" is responsible for the removal of the section entitled, "controversy" on February 3 first claiming that it, "included unauthorized reprinting of copyrighted material." Subsequent reasons for the removal have included, "spelling mistakes, lack of citations and absence of refutation" (though the original information removed did include citations and links to Shaidle's blog).

Colour us a bit suspicious. After all, Marc Lemire edited his own Wiki article. Might Ms. Shaidle be doing the same?


sassy said...

It certainly is a very active page

sigh - some much to hide, so little time

sassy said...

This didn't last long.

On February 12th 2009 Kathy Shaidle appeared on TVO's ''The Agenda'' to discuss the advertising of atheism on buses and was met with mockery for saying that she did not watch Barack Obama's inaugural address "because if she wanted to listen to a Marxist professor she would have gone to college."[ link title] A professor engaged in the debate repeated Shaidle's statement and said that she was entitled to her own opinion. Shaidle did not explain or argue for her previous statement that the United States had recently elected a Marxist to the presidency and after a brief silence her debate partner quickly changed the subject.

Anonymous said...

there is nothing interesting about Shaidle! But on a much funnier I the only one who is curious as to why Christie picked Feb 14 to do his travelling hate act in Calgary?

I wonder if the mutual admiration society of Christie/Levant plan to break bread and lovingly pledge each others heart to the causes?

Will Jason Kenny join in the group love?

so many questions on heart day!

Anonymous said...

I have just spent 5 weeks working hard on a book outlining Shaidle's "greatest moments and thoughts", entitled a "Canadian Hero" can anyone help me with the second sentence...I seem to be stuck

sassy said...

Anon at 9:35.

Second sentence: Cows are boring, the end.