Saturday, February 14, 2009

It’s February 14. Where’s the Love For Dougie?

At least this is the question that must have been running through Doug Christie’s mind when he realized his supporters were outnumbered by a factor of almost 2 to 1.

Mr. Christie had come to Calgary to shill for the Western Block Party, an entity largely of his own creation with the aim of separating Western Canadian provinces from the rest of the country. Mr. Christie has been at this for almost three decades but has found limited success. Of course our readers also know of Mr. Christie for an entirely different reason. Doug Christie has acted as an attorney for a who’s who of Holocaust deniers, Nazis (original and Neo), anti-Semitic tax protestors, Klansmen and Aryan Nation types. In fact, a partial list of clients can be found on his Wikipedia page:

Now, we don’t fault attorneys for defending clients whom most of society considers to be scum. A basic tenet of our legal system is that everyone is entitled to legal council and are innocent unless proven to be guilty. There are attorneys, such as Gerry Spence or those who work for the ACLU, who take on cases such as this not because they agree with their clients beliefs, but because of a genuine desire to ensure the legal process plays out properly and fairly. Such does not appear to be the case with Mr. Christie who, based on his own writing and speeches, appears to have common cause with the haters whom he defends.

Well today Mr. Christie was confronted by anti-racist activists and progressives for those views and forced to deal with them in the open. As someone who claims to support freedom of speech, one would think that Mr. Christie would have welcomed a spirited debate and discussion concerning his views on the Holocaust and immigration. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that was the case.

The reports of the evening sent to us by an attendee stated that Mr. Christie had something on the order of 22 supporters, one of whom was his father and another who may have been his wife. His opposition numbered roughly between 35 and 40. The anti-racist activists and progressives arrived to the hotel where the speech was to occur early and began leafleting people entering and leaving the hotel before entering the conference room. There, they began asking Mr. Christie, “pointed” questions about his past clients and his apparent support for their anti-immigration and Holocaust denying views.

Mr. Christie apparently didn’t welcome the chance to clear the air and instead claimed that the anti-racists and progressives in the room were, “unemployed juveniles” and even accused them of, “armed with axe handles.” Of course this was and is a ridiculous accusation; the very fact that there was no violence this evening sort of proves the claims made about progressives and anti-racists are almost always misrepresentations or flat out falsehoods. In fact, aside from the very spirited discussion that did occur this evening between Mr. Christie and the progressives, the only hint of violence occurred when one of Mr. Christie’s supporters attempted to intimidate the progressives into silence. It didn’t work.

We hope to get some photographs of the event soon. We would like to congratulate the progressives and anti-racists who exercised their freedom of speech rights this evening.


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Beijing York said...

Clayton Ruby agreed to defend David Ahenakew but the former Grand Chief could not get enough support to pay for the fees. It seems that Doug Christie is far more affordable. Rather unfortunate for Ahenakew because frankly, that is the kiss of death in a court room.