Thursday, January 01, 2009

Dallas Price: Chutzpah

Leave it to members of the Aryan Guard to try and turn a tragedy into an anti-immigrant and anti-Asian screed:

Of course Dallas Price (wpcalgary) wouldn't know anything about violent gangs, would he?


Anonymous said...

At least some of the members of the vietnamese gangs in question are far from "fresh off the boat" anyways. I can remember in high school there were some kids involved with them and most were second generation.

Regardless, the Aryan guard is a gang that perpetrates gang violence that isn't made up of immigrants, so they're a pretty good example of why immigration does not actually cause gang violence. Dallas is a thug and a criminal who should be in jail.

Anonymous said...

How is murder(s) in the drug trade deemed a "tragedy"?

Is this the context of your comment?

Lest it makes for easy police work.

Kurt Phillips said...

The loss of any human life is tragic. That even applies to groups like the Aryan Guard. You may choose to disagree.