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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kyle McKee and a Short History of Self-Destruction

In December 2009, Kyle McKee was arrested and charged with attempted murder after being accused of planting an IED at the residence of a rival bonehead (that bonehead, fyi, is currently in jail accused of murder himself now). As a result, the March 2010 "White Pride Day" event was cancelled.

In early February, McKee was jailed as a result of uttering threats directed at Jason Devine. His sentence resulted in him missing the March 2011 "White Pride Day" event, though given how poorly it went, he really didn't miss a hell of a lot.

One might think that given his very recent history, McKee might decide to modify his behavior so as not to end up in jail again.

One MIGHT think that, but then they are called boneheads for a reason.

We received a message yesterday noting that Kyle McKee and another bonehead were spotted outside the Devine family's home again seig heiling. Now, in and of itself that might not be a crime (though it does say a great deal about the character of a person who would choose to emulate the most reviled political/racial ideology of the past 90 years), but coupled with his recent history and a strong suspicion that he may have been involved in a home invasion and assault, it seems that his efforts to try and intimidate Mr. Devine is very much criminal in nature.

And one also has to wonder how bad the company at these rallies are if McKee would rather spend the event behind bars?


Anonymous said...

May be of interest

Anonymous said...

funny how kyle mysteriously winds up behind bars everytime there is a march. apart from the first one back in 2008.

Anonymous said...

the funny thing about all these neo-nazi boneheads is that they are a bunch of losers, complete failures in life, who would probably not even make it into the original nazi party b/c they are such massive idiots!

not that these braindead morons cannot be dangerous, they sure can be BUT they give themselves too much credit.

Anonymous said...

I know that Kyle must read these comments, and I apologize to ARA, but I must direct these comments to Kyle.

Kyle, be a MAN. Jason and his family, meaning his WIFE and KIDS live in that home.

It takes a small man to sieg heil someone in an obvious sign of intimidation, in front of the home where there are KIDS.

Don't be mad at Jason for supporting anti-racism, ask yourselves why you're a bunch of racist assholes who attack people who teach tolerance and acceptance of other people and cultures.