Saturday, March 24, 2012

CBC's Account of Edmonton

Edmonton anti-racism protesters confront white supremacists

Supremacists absent at Calgary rally, police outnumbered protesters

White supremacists and anti-racism protestors confronted each other at a rally today in Edmonton.

Police gathered at the entrance to the Churchill LRT station, which they closed after a small group of white supremacists escaped into it while being pursued by protesters.

The group of about 200 began by following the white supremacist group into Sir Winston Churchill Square.

There was also an event in Calgary, where about 25 people turned up at City Hall to rally against racism.

Calgary anti-racism leader Jason Devine said the white supremacists had taken their cause to Edmonton.

The Calgary event was a lot more peaceful than in 2011 when hundreds of police were needed to keep that group away from a group of white supremacists.

This year the dozens of police outnumbered the protesters.

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Unknown said...

here's how it started. big fat skinhead with an armband comes up to me in the parking garage and pushes me. tries to grab for my camera. swing at me, violence was ever initiated on my part, yet thats what happened. I didn't even say a thing.... Oh, the best part is, the cockroaches had to meet in a parking garage..