Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Talk About the Company He Keeps: Paul Fromm and Thomas Robb Part II

So KKK leader Thomas Robb appeared on Paulie's Internet radio program on March 13, the day after we mentioned the planned appearance here on this blog:

We haven't yet had time to listen to Paulie's programme (fyi for those who haven't listened in a while, he hasn't improved at all), but we do wonder if Paulie decided to ask Robb about some of his past statements, such as this one found here in "The Milwaukee Journal" from July 13, 1986:

We wonder when some of Paulie's seemingly more mainstream (or at the very least, slightly less fringe) supporters are going to start calling him on his associations?

Yeah, we aren't holding our breath either.

With Blood & Honour Calgary in August, 2011

With Heritage Front founder Wolfgang Droege.

With Richard Martin

Speaking at an American Front rally.

With Thomas Robb

Speaking to the Council of Conservative Citizens.

With Craig Cobb.

Attending the 2009 "White Pride" march in Calgary.
With members of Volksfront in December, 2010
With David Duke (1990s).

Left to right: Fromm, Terry Tremaine, unknown, unknown, David Ruud (of the
Northern Alliance), Max Hynes of Blood & Honour in London, and Tomasz Winnicki.

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Anonymous said...

Interest picture of old Paulie and friends from around the world like Strom. I wonder if anyone is aware that "Last year Strom also pleaded guilty to possessing ten child porn images and got a 23-month jail term"