Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hey, Edward Kennedy! Penny For Your Thoughts?

BCL covered this, but as Free Dominion's own cranky old man is a proponent of the Crown Land Patent scam, were were wondering if he still hearts Randy Hillier:

Dear friends in the Landowners;

There has been much written and said regarding Crown Land Patents, but most, if not all, that you have heard is either false or misleading. As the founding President of both the Lanark and Ontario Landowners, I feel I have an obligation to caution you regarding much of the information that is out there, and provide you with some facts and informed positions on Crown Patents.

Below are three informed, factual accounts of Crown Patents from respected people.

- Randy Hillier

We realize that this is a bit outside the field we normally cover, but Ed Kennedy is a nasty, hateful bigot (one of many examples of which can be found here) so there is a link there. That, and since the Crown Land Patent scam seems to have some parallels to the Freeman movement scam, we thought that it was worth mentioning here too.

By the way, still planning on writing that Freeman article focusing on our good friend "Sovereign" from stormfront (hi Dean!!!).

But mostly, we sort of enjoy watching Krazy Ed blow a gasket.

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Anonymous said...


Edward Kennedy now saying that all blacks should be shot b/c they are animals

Last week, he was saying all 'lieberals' and pornographers need to be *exterminated*

Seriously, this guy is off the hook!

(I can understand if you don't want to publish this - that's fine and all, I just had to go OMG its so scary to think that people like this actually exist!)