Sunday, March 25, 2012

Free Dominion Chimes in on Yesterday's Events

If you pick a thread on Free Dominion, it seems like the posters there are a little schizophrenic in that they will hold any view, even if it might contradict what they or others have already written, simply it seems to contradict their ideological opponents.

We now offer such an example.

Instead of posting screen shots in a linear, chronological manner, we decided to do it in such a way as to group them into distinct, but overlapping, narratives. Feel free to take a look at the original posts on their own site. We'll provide a link here, but not a direct one.

One of the first conversations that struck as interesting is when "defender of women" RedDog focused his attention on some of the women who attended the anti-racist rally:

Before we continue with this, we should note that "smallLliberal" used to have this as his avatar before the "Mad Men" one:

This will become relevant again later when Ed Kennedy brings it up. Speaking of Ed, we continue:

Hard to believe these are divorced (Duane) or in the process of being divorced (Ed), eh?

While these comments might indicate something about the character of Duane and Edward, in a way it's a bit of a side show. Without knowing anything else but that the boneheads called their march a, "White Pride" march, "RedDog" decides to defend the boneheads:

This is Ed referring to "smallLliberal'" previous avatar and comparing Trayvon Martin to O.J. Simpson.

You see, there's another hatefest on Free Dominion which is focused on demonizing the slain 17 year old victim of, at best, a bad law which allows anyone to play god with a gun or, at worst, a racially motivated killing. On that thread, Ed also comments on the avatar and compares it to Robert Mugabe, the Carr Brothers, and any African-American media personality whom Ed personally hates.

And yes, we will be dealing with that issue here later.

But wait. Maybe there were neo-Nazis at all? Seems to be the premise of this person:

A naive newbie then decided that "free_life2" was asking an genuine question and wanted an answer. Such an answer was provided....

... and thus opening him or herself up to that terrible accuation of being linked to..... gasp..... US!!!

Or the ARA. They do conflate us there still.

Yeah, we have no idea who "henbaker" is. But hey, they've never believed us before. Why start now?

Well that claim is certainly open to debate, Connie.

But this starts us on our next narrative. That the whole thing has been orchestrated by shadowy figures in high places.

And besides, there were barely any there in the first place!

So.... we're horrible, malicious liars.... except when we can be used (you believe) to make a point for you?

We don't think we've ever claimed that neo-Nazis are a threat to take over the country either. They are certainly a threat to individuals though, as these pages have clearly shown since late 2007.

Those last ones really were to indicate, again, that Ed is a wee bit unhinged.

And finally, we come to the final narrative.

Some think that white supremacy is okay:

So there we have it.

We're sure there will be other posts made (perhaps even more about us). But this counts as a reasonably representative account of the discussion.


Anonymous said...

screen shots weren't readable this time. try zooming in the page before hitting "PrtScrn"

Nosferatu200 said...

It's working okay for us. Are you having trouble reading one or all?

Anonymous said...

Readable for me, although I wish they weren't because the stupidity of some of the posters depressed the hell out of me. Although I did love the faux "tough guy" routine from Eddie.

I've got nothing against conservatives. What bugs me is the "team" attitude that has permeated so much of the conservative dialogue. "My side does no wrong, and anything the other side says must be wrong!" is a blinkered and stupid way to go through life. The people exhibiting this are no different from the "doctrinaire liberla/leftist cadres" they oppose. Knee-jerk reactions with a lack of actual thought and a rote recitation of cliched "talking points".

And of course some of them are probably just bitter racist trolls who can't function in a society where calling someone a "darkie" is no longer acceptable. Too bad, they give actual conservatives a bad name.

Anonymous said...

Maikeru wrote: The description fits 'Nosferatu200/ARC' like a glove...


Maikeru thinks Nos is a criminal mastermind and running a vast criminal conspiracy!

(I dont know if you read everything on fd, apologies for spamming you if you do. I just thought this one was funny)

Anonymous said...

I just read the timeline. connie fournier is full of shit when she says we should just 'ignore these guys, there are not very many of them'

uhh..they kill people??? they've killed quite a few people over the years in fact!

they are criminals!