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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Misinformation About the Circumstances Behind Jan Korinth's Death

While focusing on the marches in Edmonton and London, we have also been paying attention to the Jan Korinth case.

Today, CBC reported that they received an email claiming that Korinth's death was because he was targeted. The person who sent the email to CBC wrote the following:

"They ... planned to attack, no doubt because Jan was a member of Blood and Honour. It was a hate crime against our people. We will not stop until there is justice for our fallen comrade," the purported friend — who would identify himself only as Mike — said in an email to CBC News.

Right away this didn't make sense. The person who have been hit with bear spray was found in the residence while the trail of blood that led to Korinth originated at that residence to a location a number of houses away. One would then surmise that it was the person who was hit with the bear spray who was the resident of the home and that Korinth was the one who was not the resident. If the guy found at the house wasn't the legal resident, wouldn't the police have arrested him?

We immediately suspected that "Mike" was one of two things. He could be someone with no connection to Korinth at all but wanted to stir the pot. The second option is that the anonymous emailer is someone very much familiar with this sub-culture and wants to use Korinth to further some twisted goal of building racial tensions to the point where more violence might occur.

We suspect the latter.

Later this evening, another report was filed, this time by CTV which appears to confirm our position:

Police fear rumours about neo-Nazi's death
Date: Saturday Mar. 24, 2012 7:40 PM PT

The police investigation into the death of a white supremacist in Surrey has taken a bizarre turn as officers worry misinformation circulating about the case could spark a gang war. 

Last weekend, 26-year-old Jan Korinth died after he was stabbed during a fight in a home. A 36-year-old man was taken to hospital with head injuries, but survived. 

Korinth was a member of the neo-Nazi group Blood and Honour and at one time was a firefighter for Mayne Island Fire Rescue. Now investigators are addressing reports that this was a hate crime and Korinth was targeted for his involvement in the white supremacist group. 

The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team says this is not true, and that Korinth was the instigator not the target. 

"It appears at this time that Jan was attempting to get into that residence. It was not Jan's home; he did not live there. The occupant of the home sustained injuries as did Jan, he sustained knife-wound injuries," Sgt. Jennifer Pound said.

"From what we can tell, (Jan) left that area and a blood trail led police to find him close by where he was pronounced deceased at the scene," she added. 

The rumours now have police warning gang violence is possible.

"Whenever we're dealing with information that could potentially cause gang retaliation, then that needs to be our number one concern, and in this case that is now our concern. But that concern based on false information that was put out to the public," Pound said. 

Police say they are still investigating what led up to Korinth's death. 

In December, several Vancouver members of Blood and Honour were arrested and charged. They were accused of assaulting people for the colour of their skin. 

On Saturday, members of Blood and Honour staged a rally in downtown Edmonton. The Canadian Press reports that demonstrators fled only minutes after it began when more than 100 anti-racist counter-protesters showed up. 

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Lisa Rossington

There is absolutely no indication that this incident had anything to do with Korinth's links to Blood & Honour or that he was attacking someone (or that he was attacked) based on ideology. 


Anonymous said...

They will martyr him and use his death to fuel the fire. Today all those in the movement that hated him a week ago are suddenly brothers with him.

Anonymous said...

You mean like how their German antecedents turned a pimp (Horst Wessel) into a "martyr" even though he probably got killed over unpaid rent?

Anonymous said...

Being close to certain people, I am confident enough to say this was not a racially motivated attack. Jan fell into something else that was just as bad, but had nothing to do with racism.. Either way, what happened was not right. But his family is greiving right now, and would really appreicate if both sides dropped this. Especially members of blood and honour. Sending that email was not only juvenile, it only publicized Jan's association with the group more so than it had to be.. Also, to any "aryan guard" or "web" or Alberta "blood and honour/C18" that want to claim him as their friend/brother, don't bother. We all know the facts.

Anonymous said...

Jan was not a resident of this home and this was not a hate crime incident. There is more to the story that will surface soon enough. Both men were white so where is the hate... Neither Jan was a resident nor was the man injured. People that are suffering are the actual resident of the basement as well as the neighbourhood.

Anonymous said...

I knew Jan years ago and regardless of his values he was a nice enough kid. Its obvious that his choice of life style, brought him to his tragic end. This should hopefully, serve as a lesson for anyone wishing to follow the same path as he took. When you live by the sword you will surely die by it.

Jan's mother said...

Jan was another angry young man that as a teenager on an unfortunate trip to Germany was recruited into whatever skinhead group happened to be near his fathers house. He had gone to connect with his birthfather and as that had gone very badly he was easy prey for a group looking for angry, blond and blue eyed members. Jan fit that bill perfectly at the time and that was the first time I lost my son. Now I have lost him forever. There is no connection to blood & honour with Jan's death and he has no real friends there. Friends don't send anonymous emails that cause incredible pain to a friends family, spreading ludicrous stories of targeting and hate crimes. Friends don't try to swoop in and cover their own tracks and connections after "a comrade falls", friends care and help out. Turns out Jan did not have any friends like that in the city. He was, however, connected to that group, but more of a closet racist, one that didn't live his "convictions" out-loud and proud 24/7, but rather hidden away for the most part. The recruitment and brainwashing still happens all over the world like it does with any other cult and the recruits are still all looking for whatever it is in the individual cases. Other angry, young men will replacing my son and other mothers will be heartbroken......... Jan was also an adored, big brother, a loved and loving son, grandson, cousin, nephew and friend to those of us that actually knew him.

Nosferatu200 said...

I truly wish I could do or say anything that would make things right again. It is always a tragedy when a parent outlives a child and, under these circumstances, I can't imagine....

I hope that Jan now has found the peace he didn't find in life.

Anonymous said...

Jans mom, I only knew Jan a short while a few years back. He was always loyal to friends. Some of his "friends" did not deserve this. He would have eventually came around because in his soul he truely was good. I hope hearing this brings you some peace.

For those in a group or looking to join one with skinheads..... They tell you they are all about family and white pride. This is not the case. Secretly these people are violent, you might not think so and maybe only a few select people in the group know. They are no different than thug gangs you see in tv. In and out of prison. I understand the need for being proud of your culture and preseving it. There's other ways to do this. You can partake in festivals, concerts, learning to play an instrument. Raise a family of your own and teach them what you know. This will achieve your same goals without the hate and violence. Don't let yourself be apart of these white power groups the end of the road is jail or death. Let Jans story be the push you need to change your life.

Anonymous said...

RIP Jan. You are truly missed by those who truly cared and loved you. And may those reading the letter Jan's mom wrote think twice about joining a group like this!

Anonymous said...

RIP Jan. You are truly missed by those who truly cared and loved you. And may those reading the letter Jan's mom wrote think twice about joining a group like this!