Saturday, March 24, 2012

March 24 Update: Not Much Yet

We're still waiting for information from people on the ground, however it does look like, as suspected, the boneheads didn't march in Edmonton:

Neo-Nazis a no-show at this year's Calgary peace rally

After years of annual confrontations between white supremacists and anti-racist activists at downtown rallies, this year’s version was peaceful as the city’s neo-Nazis elected not to show up.

Every year, the two square off in competing rallies downtown around the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination surrounded by a heavy police presence. 

A few dozen anti-racist activists showed up, outnumbered by police, Saturday morning in front of city hall.

It wasn’t a surprise that the skinheads did not show up; the group Blood and Honour had printed flyers saying that this year’s march would take place in Edmonton.

“On the one hand that’s a definite success for Calgary,” said anti-racist organizer Jason Devine. “It shows that they’re tired of being outnumbered, they’re tired of being corralled.”

“On the flipside, it’s a displacement. If they’re not focusing on Calgary and now they’re focusing in Edmonton, to some extent the problem has been moved there.”

In 2011, a dozen white supremacists showed up for a screaming match with the anti-racists and in 2010 a handful of extremists gathered.

The largest turnout was in 2009 when 60 white supremacists confronted about 400 anti-racist demonstrators.

So far we haven't heard anything from London, ON, though we hope to get something later tonight. As for Edmonton, we did receive one brief note stating that "they" had reached city hall. Now, whether or not "they" are the boneheads or the anti-racist, we can't say, and this is unconfirmed anyways.

Again, we urge those who can do so to send us any information that they can regarding London and Edmonton.


Anonymous said...

Likely the one girl they know who is the only one who can drive, and owns a car, had to work and couldn't drive them all into Edmonton. I'm not even joking.

Rebel Time Records said...

Anonymous said...

About twenty, being generous, had a walk for a couple of blocks, stopped at Churchill Square and then ran underground to the LRT when a few hundred AntiFa showed up. Cops held AntiFa out and let the racists have a years' worth of boasting about the few minutes of public display they had before ducking from a united, inclusive group.

Anonymous said...

They showed up in London, Ont., but decided to leave before they made it to city hall

Anonymous said...

Wherer did they go "Underground" in the Mall or is the Edmonton LRT is underground??