Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Their Tails Between Their Leg. McKee Bails on Calgary; Plans Now Focus on Edmonton

Since the announcement that there would be yet another march by the Aryan Guard successor, Blood & Honour, there have been a lot of people keeping tabs on organizational process. The last two years the march occurred did not go well at all due to Kyle McKee being in jail on both occasions, significant infighting between racist gangs as well as internal conflicts, a general falling off of interest due to very bad press, and of course significant push-back from anti-racist groups and individuals in the city (when you are outnumbered by a minimum of 7 to 1, that's going to be demoralizing no matter how you try to spin it). We suspected that they were going to try something different, for example holding their event in an isolated park on the outskirts of Calgary, releasing photos, and proclaiming their event a success.

In fact, they are actually leaving the city entirely:

Now this isn't to say that nothing is going to happen in Calgary. In fact, word on the street is that one of the few remaining members of WEB who isn't (a) in remand or (b) living in Regina is trying to organize something. But really, the main event in Alberta this year seems to be in Edmonton.

Lucky Edmonton.

So, we have a march in Edmonton and a march in London, ON. Who are some of the players we should be watching for?


Kyle McKee, co-founder of the Aryan Guard,
now leader of Blood & Honour in Calgary.
Bernie Miller, a leader of B&H in Edmonton.

Lee Ebel, another figure in Calgary's
B&H movement.
Jonathan Besler. Come on! Of course he'll be there!

Yep. We think Paulie is going to be attending the London march. Call it a hunch.

We'll update as needed, though not everything we'll be doing will be made public ether.

However, we have managed to establish one thing.

Confronting boneheads in a loud, peaceful manner works. And confronting them in a loud, peaceful manner with overwhelming numbers works even better.


Anonymous said...

Fyi; Kyle does not live with lee :P

Anonymous said...

Is McKee as short physically as that photo seems to show.

Anonymous said...

so, no details available about when/where in london?

Anonymous said...

I thought the little dogs had turned on's discomforting to see Paul model the maternity line of bonehead pride shirts, though.

Those chicks have got to be the most desperate chicks you'll ever see to hang out with those losers.

Kyle sure looks tough next to the jujubes and Sugar Smacks. Nothing screams ARYAN THUG like a window treatment either, like the one behind him. Did Aunt May welcome the aryans over?

Also, dipshit with the gun has it HALF RIGHT, but the gun should be pointed in the OTHER direction, like their fearless "leader."

I look forward to sweater boy being there AGAIN and getting humiliated in public AGAIN...with his sweetheart, Shrek by his side...AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

Kitchener Ontario?

another edmonton white pride faggot said...

Inb4 there's a lack of numbers this year like last time.


Anonymous said...

Regarding lee, if people only new how much of a chicken shit he is. He is only confrontational when he has a bunch of his bone heads with him