Saturday, March 24, 2012

Initial Report: Anticlimactic (In a Good Way)

We just spoke to a friend who was present in Edmonton attending the anti-racist rallies. We'll be talking about that rally in some detail later. However, he did speak to us concerning the bonehead march and at least this report paints a pretty sad picture of the bonehead effort.

Our friend said that he arrived a little late, but that the boneheads had assembled in Churchill Square. But when the anti-racist protesters arrived, the bonehead took off and boarded the LRT, leaving the area. Our contact said he was able to get some pictures, but that it was really only the top of their flags so hopefully we'll have those, and others which might provide more details, soon.

No word on how long the boneheads (who numbered between 25 and 30) occupied Churchill Square, but it seems pretty clear they weren't interested in a confrontation.

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