Friday, March 23, 2012

Regarding the March in Edmonton Tomorrow

We've been in touch with a number of people who have agreed to provide us with photos and an account of the events as they occurred. We're also going to try our hand at live blogging (a friend who will be attending has agreed to give it a go) but as we've never done this before, we would ask your patience.

Now, we know that anti-racists are going to have a significant presence in Edmonton tomorrow. What remains to be seen is what will come of Blood & Honour in light of this:

No permit for white pride: Sohi

Published: March 21, 2012 5:56 a.m.
Last modified: March 21, 2012 1:31 a.m.
As the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is marked today, one city councillor wants Edmontonians to know hate is not welcome here anytime.

Councillor Amarjeet Sohi said he’s heard of plans for a white pride rally for Saturday, but if organizers go ahead, they’re breaking the law.

“I’m concerned about such an event taking place in our city,” said Sohi, who’s part of Racism-Free Edmonton. “The majority of Edmontonians see the city as racism-free.”

Sohi said he’s seen the website (, citing intentions for Blood & Honour to hold a white supremacist rally for the first time in this city, though it’s not specified where.

“It’s being used as a front for promoting hate against others,” said Sohi.

He said the city is working with the Edmonton Police Service in case of conflict between participants and those holding an anti-racism rally the same day at End of Steel Park.

No permits have been sought for either rally.

Sohi said anyone looking to demonstrate “white pride” will not get the city’s official permission.

“It’s my understanding that the city will not be issuing a permit, because the content of the rally is hate,” he said. “It would be illegal to hold a rally without a permit.”                                          


Anonymous said...

So in other words the city of Calgary has given these violent racist thugs permits for this every year?

Phil said...

As far as I know it is legal so long as nobody occupies a public roadway. Which means that as long as nobody goes on the road , both rallies cannot be impeded by the cops. I also think it would be a lot better of an outcome if the police stayed out of it (if no violence takes place), and the concerned citizens of Edmonton can drive the Nazis out and show them it's not going to be any easier here versus Calgary. I can already hear them complaining "The cops took away our free speech!" If we just shout them down, there was no violation of free speech, just a city of people not willing to put up with them.

Anonymous said...

The city's ability to actually regulate protests in this way is of questionable constitutionality, but it is true that at least at one point in the past the City of Calgary has given them a permit.

Hate speech is not protected speech but most of these groups are careful to avoid quite crossing that line in public.