Friday, March 16, 2012

"I'm fine with the violent thug part": Kyle McKee talks about the use of violence

We suppose that this is probably as close to an interview with McKee as we will ever have.

Earlier today, Kyle McKee and Lee Ebel began trolling a Facebook group promoting a rally to oppose the upcoming march by the neo-Nazi group Blood & Honour in Edmonton. A few of people, including ARC, decided to take the opportunity to ask a few questions of McKee. His response, while not necessarily surprising, do provide a bit of insight into his line of (for lack of a better word) thinking.

We begin with some brief biographical information that McKee provided with only a little bit of prompting (we begin with the first screen shot which was in response to a specific comment made by the ARC about his experience in foster care as a child):

He also responded to questions about the planned march:

But as interesting as all this might be, what is fascinating is his blasé attitude towards harming people as well as his casual references to his own criminal behavior. McKee responded to the individual who posed the question in the above screen shot:

ARC asked about his use of violence and specifically about the pipe bomb and the attack on the Devine family:

In answering ARC's follow-up question, McKee writes:

Long story short, McKee wants to cause a race war. It's something that other boneheads have attempted to accomplish (and failed to do so) in the past and will no doubt continue in the future.

The next screen shot his his response to a question concerning the goals he wishes to achieve:

A number of questions are asked in the next screenshot; McKee's responses follow:

And finally...

It is interesting in that when McKee co-founded the Aryan Guard, he went to great pains to represent the hate group as non-violent. No one believed it then, and now it looks like he has decided to dispense with pretenses.

We specifically asked McKee about Paulie since Fromm has attended the Aryan Guard march in 2009, has attended numerous events and protests sponsored by McKee's racist group (both the Aryan Guard and Blood &Honour) and has been a big booster of the racist group as well as McKee personally.

McKee has now admitted to being involved in criminal behavior and again advocating violence (up to an including murder).

We wonder if he will continue to support McKee?

That is more a rhetorical question.


Anonymous said...

Kyle has no clue about National Socialism.Him and his little group would be the first to go. Hitler would never allowed these kind of people to join the NSDAP.Also does anyone else find it hard to be scared of a 120 pound (maybe) dwarf with crap tats?

Anonymous said...

As much as I don't like Kyle and His group, this Interview seems very fake. Both posters spell lose as loose. Other things are typed the same as well.

Kurt Phillips said...

Not fake at all. Unless someone was controlling his account it all occurred in real time.

It also squares with the interview he did with CTV soon after the arrest of the B&H Vancouver faction members in November.

Anonymous said...

I was following this thread on Facebook and I know that the people who were asking him questions had changed their names on Facebook to avoid getting hurt (or killed) by these people. Or maybe they had some other motivation for changing their names. Some Fritz guy had been threatening people with violence so I don't blame them. I also know for a fact it was him commenting, and this was not made up or photoshopped. I saw these posts developing in front of me and I have no link to the ARC so trust me.. these are for real.

Kurt Phillips said...

The "Fritz" guy was Lee Ebel. Our new readers might not know who he is, but our old readers do.

In the screen shots we used we redacted information that could identify the individuals asking the questions. We also have more that were not included, as well as the threats made by Ebel.