Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So, who WAS the guy with McKee?

When we reported the incident involving McKee trying to intimidate Jason Devine at his home, we also learned that there was a second individual present. We had speculated about who it might be and it turned out that our second guess was actually correct (we're getting good at this!):

Meet Kirk Delmo who currently resides in BC looking slightly more respectable than he does now, especially in the picture below:

This isn't really the look that he's going for now though. We guess you can say he's taken a little more off the top:

Here he is at the Volksfront function in Calgary:

Here Delmo can be seen with former Volksfront Canada leader "o'neil bc", new leader Scott Sinclair, Joel Gauthier and Nico Cimon (currently playing drum for the hate band Vinland Warrior) out of Quebec, Paul Fromm (man, Paulie sure does get around, doesn't he), Steve Dumas and a bunch of other boneheads.

Here Delmo is another Volksfront function:

But as someone associated with Volksfront, one might wonder why he would be friends with the likes of Kyle McKee since the relationship between Volksfront Canada and the Aryan Guard (later C18 aligned Blood &Honour) has been one of mutual antipathy.

Easy. Delmo has basically claimed that Volksfront no longer exists in BC. And in the process of denying their existence, Delmo has taken to regularly trashing his former friends and the racist organization he once called home.

For some reason, we think the old line, "no honor among thieves" might be applied here.... at least the, "no honour" part anyways.

He is now claiming to be the leader of a McKee-aligned faction of Blood & Honour in British Columbia, which leads us to again question the vetting process for leadership positions in Blood & Honour because the boy is really not that bright.

At all.

And by that we mean he is so dumb he really, truly has no idea how dumb he is.

We're not just being mean either. He really is stupid. Some day we'll share a funny story with you, our dear  readers, but that will have to wait for now.

At this point, the B&H group Delmo claims to lead contains three core members. More on them soon enough.

But for the time being, we end with this message for Kirk.

We know you wanted to be famous, Kirk, or at least such fame as could be gained on a rather obscure blog in a far off corner of the Internet. We know that, for some perverse reason, you wanted your name here on the blog.

Now we've granted your wish, however we might suggest you take the advice of your friend who responded to your recent lament about how being "White" was such a crime and that it isn't fair:
It's not a crime. Relax. Live your life and forget about the colour of your skin! Focus on the people you love, places you'd like to go, a career you want, things you've always wanted to accomplish! I think you put wayy too much energy into all this white pride and not enough into simply living!
You might have more success if you stop blaming others for your problems, get off social assistance, and actually try to earn a living so that your son won't be embarrassed to have you as a father when he gets a little older.

Food for thought.


Anonymous said...

at least the, "no honour" part anyways.

hmm no honour in any of it especially in aryan guard or that life style.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually pretty sure if you look hard enough all photos of Canadian white nationalists hanging out together have Paul Fromm somewhere in the background.

I like your little tidbit in red there, very nice, too bad nobody will really pay it any mind.

Anonymous said...

Wow him and kyle are quite the team of heavyweights.LOL Maybe they could join that new midget wrestling show.

Anonymous said...

Great work!

Anonymous said...

I'm dying to hear the story you have about Kirk...

Anonymous said...

Wow lol is blood and honor his new "gang" haha and he has a child?!

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to Volksfront ?

Anonymous said...

TWO kids with mixed race mothers. So much for white pride

Anonymous said...

Apparently he likes to beat up his girlfriends...what a deadbeat lol