Thursday, March 22, 2012

Does Paulie Support McKee's Violence? We Think We Can Infer the Answer is Yes

Back on March 16, we wrote a article detailing Calgary Blood & Honour leader Kyle McKee's enthusiastic support for and promotion of violence as a means to achieve his goals. During the time we were able to question him, we specifically asked whether Paul Fromm, a man who has continually supported McKee and the groups he founded (Aryan Guard followed by Blood & Honour). McKee's answer was somewhat ambivalent, stating he didn't think Paulie would promote the use of violence and that he wasn't sure what Paulie was aware of regarding his use of violence.

So we decided to ask the man himself.

We sent Paulie the following message on March 17:
Serious question. In the past you have offered unequivocal support for Kyle McKee of Calgary. In light of these comments, we wonder if you would be willing to comment?

In the message, we included the following comments made by McKee:

We didn't think for a moment that Paulie would respond, so you can imagine our surprise when we actually received a answer.

Now, he certainly didn't respond to us directly, but on his Facebook profile we noticed that Paulie had, "liked" the following on March 22:

Well, we consider that sufficient enough for us. Paul Fromm, when presented with comments made by a member of a violent hate group writing about how he engages in criminal behavior and advocates (and has used) violence as a means of enacting change, made a conscious decision to once again offer public support and encouragement to that individual.

Thanks for that. Much appreciated Paulie.

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