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Sunday, September 02, 2018

Alberta Soldiers of Odin Planned Labour Day Stunt: A Reminder Who They Are

A couple of weeks ago ARC learned that the Soldiers of Odin in Edmonton planned on holding an event near the Mustard Seed in the city on Labour Day, ostensibly to feed the homeless:

Of course it must be noted that the Mustard Seed, a faith-based organization that serves a diverse population which isn't limited to white Christians, wants nothing to do with this group and that another organization has been serving Edmonton's homeless population on Labour Day for nearly 30 years without fanfare:

The SoO don't plan on coming alone, as two other far-right groups have been listed as participating:

A church in Edmonton’s inner city says it has nothing to do with a plan by far-right groups to distribute food and water to homeless people near its premises.
In social media posts, members of Soldiers of Odin, Onward Christian Soldiers and Northern Guard said they plan to serve food and water to the homeless on Sept. 3.
All three hate groups were also involved in the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam fundraiser for the rally Joey Deluca had been planning for Toronto but which was ultimately cancelled and those involved in the scheme humiliated:

Should this particular stunt proceed it won't be the first time hate groups have tried to improve their public image and it will certainly not be the last. However given that the Alberta SoO is involved, I thought that ARC should remind our readers about the leader of the Calgary chapter and who is believed to be participating in the Edmonton stunt:

ARC wrote a lengthy article about Caldwell this past April. In that article ARC exposed his racism and antisemitism:

ARC could also highlight his connection to hate groups such as the WCAI, Canadian Nationalist Front (Goudreau's project), Blood & Honour, the III% militia, and other groups:

Call me a cynic, but I have a difficult time trusting in the altruism of the Soldiers of Odin given all of this.

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RRH said...

Good stuff ARC. Thank you very much for the work you are doing.