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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Canada

If any of our readers have attended any of the Occupy events that have been taking place in Canadian cities would like to share their pictures, we would be more than pleased to post them on this blog. We would ask that you include the name of the city and any information about the even that you feel others should be made aware of.

Our contact email is arc.collective200(at)

We would like to do our part to spread the message far and wide.


Anonymous said...

If this thing is going to have legs, I think individualizing these events with the standard 'look at me, I'm protesting' photo ops only serves to disenfranchise others from participating. MSM has relied on that to paint the protest in NY as another gathering of hippies or anarchists or whatever.

Pictures say a thousand words but they also allow spectators to make snap judgements as to what this thing is all about.

Nosferatu200 said...

We hear you. We certainly agree that the msm is trying to present a one-sided image of what the Occupy movement is about, and that involves a very narrow view of who is participating and part of that effort is presenting a photo narrative. The reality is that Occupy is incredibly diverse and we think that those who are on the ground would do a better job of showing this than would the msm who are trying to pigeonhole the story.

Kim Goldberg said...

Here on the West Coast, Occupy Nanaimo is in Day 4. Camp is growing daily. 40 people slept there last night. More are expected tonight. Campers tried to lure BC Premier Christy Clark out of the economic summit she was addressing in Nanaimo today, but no go. More info here: