Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quebec Boneheads. The More Things Change, the More Things Stay the Same

Boneheads in Quebec are, sadly, well represented in our timeline of racially-based violence that we published earlier in the month. One of those individuals, Steve Legault's (on the left in the photo above) name has once again come into focus as well as a few others who have fallen off our radar for a time but who have now caught our attention:

There's Steve, front and center and a member of a bonehead group going by the name, the Ragnarok Skinheads (fyi,"Leon" is René Lariviere lead singer of Vinland Warriors):

We always get a kick out of the melodramatic names these groups give themselves.

And so who are the Ragnarok Skinheads? While there are some who we don't yet know, we actually have managed to figure out more than a few of them in addition to Steve Lavalle:

Joel Gauthier

On the right is Joel Gauthier. Joel was over in Alberta only last December attending the Volksfront Alberta blot along with Paul Fromm, former Volksfront leader "O'neil bc", current leader Scott Sinclair, and others who's names we'll just keep to ourselves for the time being.

But buddy, compared to just a few years ago, you have really let yourself go:

David Duhaime

Someone who frequented the Blood & Honour forums back a few years ago, David Duhaime slunk off after being publicly humiliated on the forum by Tara Dribnenki.

Sam Charette

This, uhm, handsome fellow is pretty overt in his views:

Doesn't leave much for the imagination.

Ben Brassard

We lost track of him once he stopped posting on Stormfront, but looks like he's back on our radar.

Back in 2007, he was quite pleased to admit he was a white supremacist. We suspect not much has changed.

Kevin Grignon

Pictured here with David Duhaime, Kevin's contributions to the movement appear to consist of staring expressionless at cameras. Perhaps he's shy?

Nico Cimon

Like Joel, Nico here attended the Volksfront function in Calgary back in December 2010.

We once mentioned that our Quebec intel was poor. It still is, but it is certainly better.


Anonymous said...

Theres alot of shirtless touching going on... And holding of the hands.
All I can hear is "good job brother, good job brother" and some hand shaking.

Also, Sam Charette has a michael jackson nose... Post surgery. Just saying!

Anonymous said...

"Sam Ragnarok
alone with my bottle of beer ... what a great evening
Share · October 14 at 7:38pm"

Seems to have a lot of friends if his only company is a bottle of beer :)

Anonymous said...

Now watch these boneheads whine about showing up on ARC!

Anonymous said...

woot! woot! we are on ARC! RFFR!

Anonymous said...

ragnarcock douchebags more like this...

Anonymous said...

Stealing abbreviations from other established not fake groups is lame..just saying..

Anonymous said...

LOTS of fresh infos here :

Pictures and informations about nearly 30 members of Ragnarok boneheads