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Thursday, December 05, 2019

Patrik Mathews in United States: Training Base Members in Georgia

Well this is less than reassuring:

ARC first learned of Mathews when he began following us, YVCE, and others on Twitter though we were not yet aware of his real name at the time. Ryan Thorpe would eventually reveal it having engaged in some incredible undercover work:

ARC has viewed the latest propaganda, from a brand-new social media account which describes itself as an “official” channel for The Base. 

In addition to a threat against a Vice journalist, other journalists who have covered the story in recent months are included. 

In the short clips, a masked man is shown providing direction and instruction to fellow Base members. 

From Vice
The news illustrates how The Base, previously a mostly online collective of hardcore neo-Nazis, is evolving into a bonafide terror network with a recruitment structure, a paramilitary training apparatus, and the capacity to covertly ferry members across international borders to fit its insurgent ambitions.

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