Thursday, July 24, 2008

We're Mentioned in the "Briarpatch"

We guess this is a tooting our own horn moment, but we would have posted this link regardless because it's a great article. "The Briarpatch" is a progressive magazine that deals with issues ranging from human rights, corporate media control, the environment, and numerous other issue that are not effectively dealt with (if at all) by the mainstream media. In a recent article, "Fighting Fire With Fire: Anti-racist Organizing in Alberta" the magazine discusses the growth of the Aryan Guard in Calgary, but more importantly the efforts by anti-racist activists to shut the group down. This blog is mentioned in relation to the videos posted by Jason Harley and others:

If videos posted on the Anti-Racist Canada blog are any indication of the kind of non-violent family values the Aryan Guard espouses, Devine and Bernard have a right to be skeptical. In a profanity-laced diatribe, Aryan Guard member Jason Harley explains that multiculturalism is like putting a red sock “representing the communists” and a blue sock “representing the Jews” into a washing machine with a white load of laundry. “Everything turns fucking fruity and purple and fucking gay. Fucking retarded. There you go. Fucking white supremacy.” In another video, two Aryan Guard members fight bare-chested in the snow on a quiet residential street.

So a huge congratulations to "The Briarpatch" on a great article, as well as Jason Devine and his work (non-violent we might add) in facing these thugs down.

In a related note, we think we might have some leads that could more closely link the Aryan Guard to the firebombing of Jason Devine's and Bonnie Collin's home. It's not a slam dunk or anything, but it will be food for thought. At least it will be another nail in the coffin when it comes to the Aryan Guard claim that they don't support violence. We'll keep you posted.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, you're welcome - from the author. It took me months to write the damn thing, and I was more than happy to include the fine work y'all are doing.

Mad, crazy, love-filled props to Jason and Bonnie for being the only people involved with enough chutzpa to give their real names. Someday we'll catch up with them, I suppose.