6 March 2010

Blood and Honour Plan Vancouver Island March

More and more, it really looks like if there's going to be any march in Calgary this month, it's going to be a bit of a disaster:

With the likes of McKee, Sturrup, Reitmeir, Marleau and others either in jail or under house arrest, we can't imagine anything organized will be much more than an utter failure. We could be wrong though which is why we hear that counter demonstrations are already being organized.

Still, it is the march season it appears, and there appear to be two marches planed on March 20 and 21 in British Columbia.

The first is one we covered here a few weeks ago. UPDATE: We had originally included the names of the two individuals who set up the website promoting the event, as well as the event notice on Facebook which was associated with the Facebook group, "Advocates For White Civil Rights," when we wrote about this event some weeks ago. Not long after, a woman, claiming to be the husband of one of the subjects of the article started complaining and threatening criminal proceedings if we didn't remove his name. On March 27, 2010, she sent us a section of the criminal code in an effort to intimidate us. After we stopped laughing (as the part of the criminal code she cited had absolutely nothing to do with this issue, and we were well within our rights to publish the information as her husband and his friend had their names publicly associated with both the march and the group, making it public domain), we decided, what the hell! We'll grant her wish. Instead, we'll post pictures of the now strangely missing website for Advocates of White Civil Rights. If names happen to appear on the picture, well, we could hardly be blamed for that:

Any other requests? We've also screen shots of the Facebook group and event, with names associated with each. And other very useful pictures.

We here really don't expect much out of this march either. We envision the two gentlemen who may be mentioned on the screen shots above, with whomever they manage to convince to come with them, darting in and out of sight on the trains and giving the occassional seig heil to show how scary they are. But, as with the Aryan Guard/W.E.B. we could be out to lunch, which is why there are counter protesters getting ready for them as well.

The second B.C. march, scheduled to take place on Vancouver Island, is of far more interest to us here in the Collective:

To be clear, this is NOT the same Blood and Honour that is associated with Combat 18. A brief, wholly inadequate explanation is that there is a Blood and Honour movement associated with one group of boneheads, of which Combat 18 is the most prominent, and another Blood and Honour movement associated with such groups as Volksfront (we are referring to the latter of the two movements). To say there's a bit of enmity between the C18 Blood and Honour and the Volksfront Blood and Honour would be a gross understatement.

Anyways, the reason why we're interested in this march and "mead tasting" is because of the people planning it. In the case of Alberta's Aryan Guard and W.E.B. and the Advocates For White Civil Rights in British Columbia, we have mostly teens and people in their 20s who act like teens. They do and say stupid things online and do things like try to blow up their rivals or attack city transit workers. In other words, they're complete, total fuck-ups and an embarrassment to the movement that they claim membership in.

The Blood and Honour organizing the march on Vancouver island differ from these other groups in a number of respects. First, they're far more quiet about what they do and rarely appear to solicit media scrutiny. Second, they're older and less inclined to act like jackasses online. Finally, they appear to have the revenue, either through donations or the ability to actually maintain steady employment (unlike the other groups mentioned) to be able to travel to the event being planned.

All this doesn't mean they're any better; they too should be confronted.

So, who are Blood and Honour Canada? Basically take a look at the Volksfront membership which overlaps:

UPDATE 1: Received information that two of the people pictured
are minors. Changed made to reflect that
A few people of note in the picture above of Blood and Honour members and supporters include the D.A., (whom we've lovingly referred to in the past as scum and who's antics on the Aryan Guard forum were of great enjoyment to us), Shawn MacDonald, Jan (who might actually be considered an early Aryan Guard founder who has a hate on for the organization he was once a member of, albeit briefly), Rob De Chazel and Victoria ("Vicki") Cahill of Women for Aryan Unity (more on her soon).

Jan and Shawn
Shawn and Vicki
UPDATE 2: Well, as evidenced by the frantic hissy fits, it appears we forgot this picture contains a picture of one of the two minors pictured earlier.

An as yet unknown (though we have a name we suspect might be him), Shawn and Victoria.

We also know that Volksfront Canada leader B.G. - Shawn was a groomsman at his wedding - plans on attending as well:

While we're interested in a number of these individuals, Vicky Cahill is of particular interest. Vicky is an Irish national currently living in the United States and who frequently visits the Blood and Honour crew in BC. On Stormfront, she posts as "WarMaiden" and was one of the people who commented on Reitmeier's picture with the South Asian woman (she was the one who originated the thread).

She also somewhat infamous for being the niece of Martin "The General" Cahill:

Niece of crime boss Cahill using Net to promote Irish racial hate
THE niece of slain crime boss Martin "The General" Cahill, is today exposed as a pagan-worshipping Nazi.  
Martin Cahill's gang held Dublin in a state of fear in the early 90s with a series of robberies and murders until republicans killed him in 1995.  
Now his niece is attempting to promote the ideas of race hate through her Woman For Aryan Unity group whose motto is Securing Our Future One Child At A Time.  
Vicky Cahill, 29, not only promotes the views of Adolf Hitler but also pagan worship on her sickening website.  
The race hate monger also promotes her group's activities on other Nazi sites, proudly boasting of 12 years of commitment to "racial struggle". 
Vicky is the daughter of The General's brother and criminal associate Peter Cahill. Peter is well-known to Gardai not only for his vicious criminal past but also stupidity.  
During one armed robbery he fell off his getaway motorbike - outside a Garda station...

On this side of the pond, Vicky Cahill is known for her involvement with Women for Aryan Unity. Among the activities of the WAU are included raising money for "Prisoners of War" like Chester Doles and members of The Order, a hate group associated with the Aryan Nations which, in the early to mid 1980s, engaged in amored car robberies and the murder of a Jewish radio talk show host. To the right we see Vicky standing beside the body of one of those criminals she and the rest of the movement considers a hero. Who's the stiff? None other than David Lane who died back in 2007.

Actually, this creepy photo of Lane is actually sort of funny if you know a little about what has happened since the photo was taken. Lane had wanted to be cremated and his ashes put into the capstone of a pyramid that would be his memorial (good thing he didn't have an ego). When he died his corpse was released to Nazi stage mom and now Nazi matchmaker (hehe) April Gaede as per earlier arrangements made by Lane who was dying of cancer. Surprisingly, the gals Gaede and Calhill discovered that pyramids weren't cheap (no doubt affected by the housing bubble), so rather than build a grand pyramid to honor the "great man" of the movement, they instead decided it would be a great idea to put his ashes into 14 smaller pyramids, like paper weights, and send said paper weights to 14 Aryan women around the world.

The photo, which has been circulating around the Net for a few years now, set off a bit of a feud between Cahill and Gaede (so much for the "unity" part of Women for Aryan Unity we guess). Later, there was a fight over some of Lane's ashes, as Cahill accused Combat 18 in Australia of having stolen the ashes and demanding they be returned.

Guess who'd planning on coming to Canada this month?

Interesting, no?

UPDATE: Well isn't that a disappointment? Looks like Vicky won't be coming, at least according to this most recent Stormfront update:


Anonymous said...

Lol C18 stole our ashes waa waaa

Max Hammer said...

Vicky is a thief who once stole a few thousand quid off of C18 in N.I,plus numerous computers (back when PC's were very expensive and WAU/C18 were working together)

Shawn MacDonald is a meathead power lifter (insert Shirt Lifter if you'd like) with a half caste Indian kid.

Anonymous said...

volksfront canada doesnt exist anymore in bc. just B&hd

Anonymous said...

"We could be wrong though which is why we hear that counter demonstrations are already being organized."

i feel as if this statement misses the point. the nazi march is a reactionary tactic against what is supposed to be a celebration of diversity on, what is after-all, the International Day for the Elimination of Racism. not the other way around. it is really disappointing that this occasion has become a battle field. let's hope 500 people still show up regardless of whether or not there are any boneheads to oppose...

Anonymous said...

These are largely just groups of people with common interests who don't DO fuck all. I know it's more exciting to hear about how "dangerous" these "hate groups" are, but these sensationalist write ups really only discredit the valid points you make. Lets start calling a spade a spade; if you need to hype things up in order to churn out another story for your blog, you're looking in the wrong places.

Anonymous said...

I know you guys are trying to play with facts here, but Volksfront doesnt exist in canada anymore, the remaining decent members became B&H.

nos200 said...

Actually we have to admit our BC intel is still in it's infancy so that Volksfront in Canada is now Blood and Honour is something we had simply not considered. If you've a story, do feel free to share.

And as for trying to hype B&H, given some of the American links, as well as some of the things B&H have been associated with internationally, we don't think keeping tabs on these people are such a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

meathead power lifter? how about all you aryan guard/web/c18 net nazis make your way out here and say that to shawns face , or any b&h member actually. oh wait, we'll be seeing you guys soon.

nos200 said...

Ohhhhh, let us know when and where so we can watch. Thinking about making it Pay-per-view?

Max Hammer said...

"meathead power lifter? how about all you aryan guard/web/c18 net nazis make your way out here and say that to shawns face , or any b&h member actually. oh wait, we'll be seeing you guys soon".

You guys are coming over to Europe to get twatted? Silly numpties.

shaun said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know you guys are trying to play with facts here, but Volksfront doesnt exist in canada anymore, the remaining decent members became B&H.

March 7, 2010 10:46 PM

Believe what you want to believe I don't need to be anonymous to make this post. VF Canada still exists thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

So where's the party at? Vancouver Island is a big place.

Anonymous said...

Is rob still in jail?

Anonymous said...

Ya'll should stick to Alberta where you actually have some idea of what you are talking about. There is GROSS misinformation in this post and a lot of the people pictured have nothing to do with any racist organization.

nos200 said...

Then please, feel free to enlighten us.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Frantic hissy fits" eh? I was merely notifying you of your error. After all, you're the ones who decided that the long hair is a minor and to censor his face. Take your medicine and say thank you, there's no need for rude words here.

nos200 said...

Don't assume you were the only one who contacted us, and not all were as polite as you. ;)

Anonymous said...

"meathead power lifter? how about all you aryan guard/web/c18 net nazis make your way out here and say that to shawns face , or any b&h member actually. oh wait, we'll be seeing you guys soon".

*If you peoples were going to do something about the Aryan Guard,W.E.B,Combat 18 it would have happened a long time ago. Quit trying be so damn hard, this is Canada.

Quit with the empty threats of inner city gang violence and get back to your basics of hanging around race-mixers and CSIS moles.

Prince Rainier said...

There is no march happening, just a gathering. B+H seem to try to stay out of the public's attention.

Anonymous said...

You pack of cracka traitors will get your come uppence you godless filth.

Anonymous said...

March 21, 2010 in Vancouver: White Pride Runs and Hides!!! Keep up the good work anti-racist resistance!!!



Anonymous said...

Beach bums picture far right with ponytail is Robbie Hamilton, to his left with shaved head is Daniel Barker

Anonymous said...

The beach picture on the far right with the ponytail is actually Michael McLean, NOT Robbie Hamilton.

Anonymous said...

Daniel John Barker who was shown in the beach bums photo (edited) was born 1986 was not a minor when that photo was taken. Please see the second link for his conviction record.

Daniel John Barker - 1986 dob is also shown in this link below. He has a shaved head and a goatee. Blue eyes and earrings. He is incorrectly referred to as "possibly Porrazzo" There are two pictures of Daniel John Barker in this post. One with sunglasses and suspenders. One with a black robe and a beaded necklace beside an altar.