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Friday, December 09, 2011

Blood & Honour BC Members Charged in Series of Assaults

We'll have some pictures for our readers when we have access to our files, but in the meantime, Rob de Chazal (formerly of Edmonton) and Shawn Macdonald (leader of the Vancouver Blood & Honour movement who goes by "Model" on Stormfront) have been charged with a series of viscious assaults going back three years:

‘White supremacists’ charged over string of violent B.C. hate crimes

Dec 9, 2011 – 3:10 PM ET | Last Updated: Dec 9, 2011 3:44 PM ET

Two Vancouver men alleged to be members of a violent white supremacist group face multiple charges after a string of assaults dating back three years, police announced Friday.

Robertson de Chazal and Shawn Macdonald, both 25, belong to an international hate group called Blood and Honour, said New Westminster Det. Const. Terry Wilson. The Det.-Const. is one of two full-time police officers attached to the B.C. Hate Crime Team, a joint policing unit in the province.

Arrests were made after a review of investigative files began in February, he said.

Mr. de Chazal is accused of setting fire to a Filipino man sleeping on a couch left at a Vancouver intersection in 2009. The victim suffered burns to his arms, neck and head.

He is also accused of assaulting a black man in 2009, rendering him unconscious.

Mr. Macdonald is alleged to have assaulted three individuals — a black man, an Hispanic man, and an aboriginal woman — in separate incidents in 2008 and 2010.

Blood and Honour is a loosely knit white supremacist group with a handful of followers on B.C.’s lower mainland, said Det. Const. Wilson.

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