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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Paulie's Chickens Come Home to Roost

o, this isn't related to our last article. It's just a bit of a pun based on Paulie's more recent missives.

You see Paulie has a new target for his anti-immigration angst.

Backyard chicken coops.

at 06:34 on November 30, 2011, EST.
The Canadian Press

TORONTO - Chicken is on the menu today for city councillors in Toronto.

Council will be looking at a motion from Coun. Joe Mihevc aimed at allowing Toronto residents to keep hens in their backyards.

Mihevc says there are a number of residents who wish to keep hens in their backyards to produce eggs for personal use.

Existing bylaws prohibit the keeping of chickens in Toronto.

The motion calls on council to direct city staff to look into allowing residents to keep backyard hens in a safe and appropriate manner.

The motion notes cities such as Kingston, Ont., Vancouver, New York, Cleveland, and Los Angeles have modified their regulations to include backyard hens.

"The experiences of these cities have highlighted that residents can successfully keep a limited number of hens in their backyard in balance with the need to maintain the community's quality of life," the motion states.

And in Paulie's fevered imagination, he jumps to the conclusion that this is all a result of multiculturalism:
Evidently, Paulie is unfamiliar with the mostly white, middle-class phenomenon of the backyard chicken coop movement (which is a part of the larger movement towards organic foods). A lot of people, uncomfortable with the mechanized agricultural industry, have decided to raise chickens in their backyards for fun and profit (and protest, we suppose).

To gauge the size of this movement, note the following website (especially the forum) which is only one of hundreds we could find:

There are 111,556 users on this forum, almost half of that found on Stormfront, a webforum that has been around in one form or another since 1995. And it seems that many of your Stormfront compatriots raise chickens in urban settings as well:

Oh, Paulie. You are so cute when you don't know what you're talking about!


Anonymous said...

Paul's likely not actually ignorant towards it. He's just looking for another opportunity to get his name in the media. Could be worse though I suppose- he could have decided to publicly defend bill.

Anonymous said...

What a fucking idiot he is.

Anonymous said...

Paulie is full of chicken shit!!!

Anonymous said...

Well of course Mr Fromm is against raising chickens. Look at them. You've got your Rhode Island Red, the Red Shaver, the Black Shumen, the Dalhem Red, numerous "Grey" breeds (the admixture of Black and White, need I say more?) and the Phillipine Native chicken. Even the otherwise lily white Leghorn breed has a touch of red about it. Obviously they are out to subvert our civilization.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising at all, seeing as how Paul would know nothing about being self sustainable.

Anonymous said...

"Boy’s gotta mouth like a cannon, always shootin’ it off" (Courtesy of Foghorn Leghorn.)

Hey Pau.. I say, Hey Paulie, way to completely step in shit!