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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Boneheads Arrested in Vancouver

Oh, RCMP! You Are Such a Tease!

We were mildly impressed that the boneheads in Vancouver have, thus far, been able to be relatively discrete (unlike the attention whores in Calgary). But we figured it would be inevitable since boneheads often = violence that we would be hearing about them eventually.

And now it seems as if that prediction has come true:

VANCOUVER -- The RCMP is holding a press conference Friday in Vancouver to announce the arrests of individuals allegedly belonging to an organized white supremacist hate group.

Police said in a statement today they would release no further details until the 11 a.m. news conference at RCMP "E" Division Headquarters.

At this point we aren't sure which group is being referred to in the article, but we have our suspicions.

More to come we're sure.


Anonymous said...

Man, Vancouver Sun is just a wealth of information today... here's the article in its entirety at this point:

"Two men who police say are in a white supremacist group have been charged in assaults on minorities, RCMP announced today in Vancouver.
In the most disturbing case, a Filipino man was set on fire."

Hopefully they update...

Anonymous said...

Thank god Blood and Honour stood up to C18 taking their name and tarnishing it with violence.

Anonymous said...

Blood and Honour
Blood and Honour


So, same shit, different pile applies here?