Sunday, December 18, 2011

All Is Quiet In "White Nationalist" Land: Part III

We've twice (here and here) alluded to something rather odd happening on the Blood & Honour forums (as opposed to the Blood and Honour International/Combat 18 forums). Given that three of their own have been accused of and arrested for a series of assaults in Vancouver, one might expect something about this would be discussed on their website.

And there was a thread created to discuss it. Briefly. So briefly we didn't get the screen shots before the thread "mysteriously" disappeared.

Well, it really isn't all that much of a mystery. Shawn Macdonald, one of the men accused in the series of assaults in Vancouver, is also a moderator on the forums. It appears that he, or someone acting for him, made the offending thread disappear. This is evidenced by the last time Shawn logged in to the forum:

And just in case our readers aren't sure of "Big Mac's" identity, he kindly obliges:

But here is when it get's interesting. Not only did Shawn (or someone acting on his behalf) erase the thread talking about the assaults, he actually nuked the entire Canadian section of the forum.

First, the threads in the Canadian section were all deleted:

And then, believing even this wasn't enough, the entire Canadian section was completely removed as if it had never existed:

Gee. Looks like the big, brave, Aryan warrior is afraid of his own posts.

Unfortunately we didn't get screen shots of all of what could be found in the Canadian section pertaining to Macdonald or the others. However, Shawn couldn't nuke everything.

Some of the posts remaining are rather mundane, such as the ones welcoming new members or which deal with Blood & Honour Vancouver events:

Some discuss other racist organizations such as Volksfront and the English Defence League:


Then there are the posts that wistfully await the "White Awakening" or which offer support to their version of POWs:


But our favorites are the posts that further illustrate how misanthropic these idiots are as they can't even seem to get along with each other which, fyi, is fine with us:


Since it is likely that Shawn is going to read this, we want to leave him with a thought to consider.

ARC's focus has not been, exclusively, on you or Blood & Honour BC. However, we can likely assume that the RCMP HAVE been investigating you and the members of the group and were well aware of you activities online. Your removal of those posts will no result in you hiding past and, perhaps, incriminating statements as the police likely have everything they need there already. And, rather than protecting yourself, you running scared sort of makes you look a little, shall we say suspicious?

Think about that for a while as you sleep in your comfortable bed. If you did what you are accused of and there is proof, you might find yourself sleeping on something a little harder for a long time.

Sweet dreams Shawn.

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